Like a idiot i am

so like a idiot i am i was playing SF4 on ps4 i was on a winning roll with Makoto and then came a challenger who beat me and thus i challenge him again but this time with my rank C Ibuki …long story short i lost a too a Ryu spamming douchebag and i threw my contoller at my flat screen and it broke . i don’t have spare flatscreen. SFV is out of the question until i get a new one.


That doesn’t have anything to do with taking things too seriously. It’s just plain retarded.

It’s for the best…

Fixed, sir.

Get a new controller. Get a new TV. And kick that spamming Ryu’s ass so hard, that the next spamming wannabe is gonna feel it.

bet you won’t post a picture

I’d hate to see how you react to scissorkick pressure

Do you destroy your console when you have to play against a Seth or Fuerte?

How do you feel about ROLLento?

Too bad you don’t take grammar as seriously as losing an online fighting game match.

Would you hold a grudge against your friends when their Rose starts back dashing?

if he smashed his HDTV from Ryu spamming then Rose’s back dash spamming would make him smash his eyes

I hate to be the grammar police, but I always find it funny when people say “a idiot”. It just exemplifies it.

Play with sticks, they’re harder to throw at things.

They also hurt more. It’s win/win!

I can forgive that. As a non native English speaker choosing between a and an is not really intuitive since you don’t think about how two consecutive vowels would sound before saying it, so you mostly just say the wrong thing and think to yourself "Damn, should’ve used an an."
Just becomes an issue for me when the rest is gibberish, too.

How is it for native speakers? Do you plan your sentences ahead? What if you’re talking really fast?

Native spoken language is more akin to muscle memory than consciously trying to move your hand in a certain way.

On a grammar Nazi note, all this “alot” stuff is starting to drive me crazy. Did you guys add that to your web browser’s dictionary or something? The red squiggly line means something, damn it.

Boy, this is wildly off topic. The mods sure are slacking.

I can’t speak for any other non-native speaker, but my browser’s set to my native tongue and not english, so like 90% of words are considered wrong by it.

On the subject of a/an, it’s a lot more intuitive compared to the swedish equivalent (there are no rules at all in swedish to my knowledge, it’s just all about gut feeling), so it comes naturally for me.

If you’re prone to rage at that level, try to aim at something less costly than your monitor or even buy something that’s made to be hit.

Only time I’ve gotten seriously that mad, I punched a hole in my dorm room wall (didn’t expect it to give way like that). I patched it up before moving out, so that I wouldn’t get charged as much, but it still cost a bit to get the tools to fix it or whatever. But yeah, seeing something destroyed in front of you that you didn’t mean to break is a reminder to not take it so hard or to release your frustration elsewhere.
I had a friend who said he did some push-ups every time he took an L in a fighting game… that’s a good way to handle it I think.

A few other people beat me to it, but since English is my first language I can confirm that use of “a” and “an” just happens naturally.