Like CvS2? This website would like to have a word with you


Remember me? :slight_smile:


wow. throwback. good shit.


Hurray. More power to cvs.


omg windyman, i love your site!!


cool stuff thanks!


hot java


wow…old school.


sweet. This will be helpful.


Holy shit, I used to go on this site wayyyy back. Like, 2-3 years ago maybe?


Nice to have you back.


Lol i remember this when i was a newb…and downloaded the music off your website, which i still have <3 Welcome back.

Btw…in your JC Article, S Groove DOES have Small Jump last i checked, so maybe you might wanna make that minor change ^^;


Windyman, good shit on the jump cancel shit, now my only question is can I jump cancel into a roll and then roll cancel, or vice versa, lol. By the way S-Groove has short jump actually too, you said it didn’t in the FAQ.


Once you start a jump, you cannot roll. Once you start a roll, you cannot jump. Therefore, you can’t roll cancel and jump cancel at the same time.

I’m going to revise my article a bit once I find the time to do it. Look for that later this week or next, probably.


Cool site. Will the frame data be update for every character?


eh… The video page will be offline until the rest of the site is back up to speed. …


I didn’t know you couldn’t roll once you start a jump, BUT, it still seems like you should be able to roll cancel into a jump cancelled special since essentially you cancelled the roll already (therefore not rolling anymore) into a jump cancelled special (when you do the roll cancel enter the jump command into the special move that you cancelled the roll with). See what I mean?


you don’t make sense at all. roll cancel is when you cancel your roll into a move, same goes for jump cancel, you can’t cancel, cancel into a command move.


To roll cancel, you must roll before inputting the special move. To jump cancel, you must jump before inputting the special move. It’s impossible to do both in the same move because once you do a jump you can’t roll, or once you do a roll you can’t jump. So no, there is no such thing as a “roll-jump canceled” move that is both invincible to attacks and invisible to throws.

And heads up to everyone, I took some video at FFA tonight. I got a lot of good stuff, including:

-A peek at Lawrence’s K-Groove team (Morrigan!)
-FFA’s S-Groove guy gets in some matches (I’ve played against him for five years and I still don’t know his name)
-Warren, aka EvilElvis gets his ass handed to him a few times by…
-Me! Finally, people can see my dangerous N-Kyo/Maki/Hibiki team!

I’ll have the vids posted to YouTube and the site updated next week, which will include the slightly refined Jump Cancel Throw Evasion article.


I must have been reading your FAQ wrong then. For example, take a jump cancelled hadouken. I was thinking I could get a jump-cancel hadouken by doing d,df,f,u + p? Then I was thinking ok, since the special cancels the roll, when I do d+jab+short,df,f,u+p there may be a glitch to allow the JC as well, since the special cancels the roll (ie not rolling anymore) allowing the special to be a JC special as well.


just know that jump cancel and roll cancel are 2 different cancels that can’t be combined at all, if the game was glitched like that then theoretically (sp?) no one should be ever getting hit.