Like internet privacy? FBI thinks your a terrorist

Just heard about this on the radio. Wacky as fuck. I’d be surprised if 1 person on SRK didn’t exhibit at least one of these behaviors.

Yeah I’m guilty… Good thing I’m not American.

Prince George from Ghana needs your help in a multimillion dollar transaction, please post your pin numbers, if you don’t you’re a terrorist

Hey guys. The government is putting a patent on breathing. Anyone living in the US must pay a 10% tax or you will be sent to jail, deported, or killed. Don’t worry guys, the government just wants the rights, they promise not to use them. :rolleyes:

You know things have hit the fan when people in the US are moving back to Russia and China. man arrested as terrorist for sending text message/6442573078/story.html

Basically America has arrested or banned foreign citizens for terrorism, due to messages. First one is a Muslim from Quebec, who sent a text message to his co-workers (in french) to make sure the trade show they attended exploded, but in the sense of excitement.

Second one is a UK couple that was gonna destroy america on their vacation.

Yes, that would be the USA reading other countries messages, and enforcing their laws on those citizens.

It’s official. Terrorism won, Your country is now bitchmade

According to this list theres a 90% chance im a terrorist.

Christian Capitalistic Consumerist inbreeding ftl.

Sent from reality, using LolWtfIsThisShitTalk.

WTF @ that list.
So everyone I know is a terrorist?

Shit is kind of ridiculous.

niggas barely realizing this. This has been the norm for years now

slippery slope anyone.


smh. unreal.

I remember someone was talking about someone getting blown up in umvc3 in the middle of an airport, then they received a prompt conversation from DHS and TSA because someone overheard dude saying that. Wasn’t that a posted article on the front page?



Wasn’t that the whole deal where sp00ky got his equipment got taken away when he was coming back into the US from w/e the Canadian tournament was?

I think that was sp00ky. There was a thread in GD about it, now that I remember.

sorry, all you terrorist scum, i believe in FREEDOM and here guy-next-to-me take a look at my password

yo, your av is lookin pretty sneaky. imma report you to DHS. sorry.

Someone believing that bullshit website is the only real news here.

Another tidbit from the document the link missed:

“Anyone caught ingesting, purchasing, or talking about freedom fries will be considered a terrorist.”