Like new sega saturn pad $12.00 shipped in USA

I have a like new sega saturn pad for $12.00 shipped anywhere in the USA if anybody is interested.


For PS2?

no a sega saturn controller for a sega saturn :looney:

$10.00 shipped anyone ???

if not it is off to ebay tommorow :slight_smile:

Is it the Model 2 one

this is not mine but a picture of the same model

Does the d-pad still handle well? They’ve been known to have have problems with heavy use over the years.

im assuming by “like new” that the dpad works well

yeah it works good there’s nothing wrong with it I just dont have a saturn anymore.

I accept paypal and have 150+ verified buyers so no worries here.

Last chance!!

if this is not sold here or elsewhere by 8:00PM eastern time it will be listed on ebay and must be bought there instead.