Like the NSA hasn't done enough invading our privacy..!


Some shocking stuff, this is beyond messed up man, privacy violation was taken to a whole new level.

BUT don’t worry about the Kinect guise, there’s dat privacy setting you can use so it’s all cool ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Lock thread please.




SRK isn’t the place for it.


I posted the Huffpost article in the Current State of the World thread -

It is worrying, didn’t know about the Microsoft thing, that’s f’d up. Snowden is right, US Government (and probably the UK too) think it’s citizen’s are the enemy.


Huh, concerns related to a Video game console feature is too much for SRK to handle now lol? I don’t see the big deal at all, but mods please feel free to lock the thread if you think this is really inappropriate or whatever.


The way the US functions has enabled the humans here to live a sheltered life. Ignorance is bliss.