Likelihood of Dan being in any future DLC

I mean is Gouken can come back from the dead… thoughts?

I’m sorry to say but i wouldn’t get my hopes up, I don’t think there is a very good chance : /

He’s already in the game dressed up as MegaMan.

No more Shotos!

Too late, we’re getting Sakura.

He is alive in Sakura and He who shall not be named’s ending.

How dare you, Dan is not a Shoto.
He’s a Saikyo Master, they are completely different things.

Lei Wulong(an actual DLC character) has Dan’s costume for his alternate swap.

and according to Sakura and Blanka’s ending Dan isn’t dead.

I really hope that Dan isn’t dead, even if he doesn’t make in into SFXT I want to see him in future titles, he is one of my favorite characters in the Street Fighter Series

Long live the Master of Saikyo!!

Wait a minute - Who killed Dan?

No one but they originally made it look like Kazuya did

Too many shotos

There are way too many other characters to choose from for them to choose Dan. But knowing Capcom, and seeing as they put BLANKA in the damn game… I’d say he has a good chance. Plus he has a model already, so for them, it would just be recycling. Plus, balancing him would be easy. “Just make him not so good, since he’s Dan.” shrug
If we get DLC characters outside the 12 on-disc (which I doubt), then it will probably be characters already in SFIV, so they don’t have to actually make new models. So Dan has a good chance, I would say, assuming they do it.

If anyone would have killed him it would be Kazuya, since he is the Tekken series resident murderer…

I get a feeling there wont be any DLC apart from the stuff that’s already on disk. If capcom is too be believed about it making compatibility easier and thats why it’s on there. ok, yeah, who am I kidding…

no dlc characters are going to come besides the already known 12


What are you guys talking about? Dan is alive and kicking in the tutorial mode!