Liking rufus as a secondary char, but how to get better?



Hey all, been practicing with rufus as my 2nd, i use ryu as main. any places that have good videos/instructions on rufus’ basic combos into ultras/damage strings/block strings etc? looking forward to using him to mix it up.


Nah. There isnt much at all honestly. Matchup thread is seriously outdated too. The forum is pretty much dead. Just watch videos and replays. Take notes.


Random Japanese players
I wanted to know the same thing but it’s dead here…


I play SF with a friend and enjoyed playing Rufus the other day. Thought I’d hit up this forum and learn how to play him properly. Wow, this board is dead.

What happened? No love for Rufus any more?


Rufus is hated … seriously hated by SF4 players in the US and Japan. All his tech has been discovered.

Nothing to see here.


I still got nothing but love for the fat man…he’s worth picking up