Likning Cr.Strong Counter hit into rekka

I’ve pulled it off here and there a few times in training mode, but I just can’t seem to get the hang of it:wonder. Is there a strict timing on it? For the most part after the cr.strong my rekkas won’t even come out. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

I’m not sure just how tight the timing is, but I find it fairly generous. Just keep practicing, and you’ll get it eventually.

Be sure to be using only LP Rekka, the other versions won’t connect.

Oh really? I didn’t know about the LP Rekka only connecting. Ok, thanks for the info, time to head to the lab!

Don’t think this is right nooks? any version should connect.

Its your timing. I strum mp as I hit the light. Try this - after the Cr-mp, hit your cr lp but then go down forward mp, forward. Like a plink but slower.

Try it with Standing Mp first, It’s an easier motion. Dont worry about getting 3 rekka’s out, just practice the frames between the hit stun on the mp and lp into rekka.

he’s talking about direct rekka and not Cr. Strong to Cr. lp i think.

As the thread title mentions, he’s not asking about cr.MP>cr.LPxxRekka. Otherwise, yes, any Rekka would work of course. He’s asking about connecting Rekkaken off of a Counterhit cr.MP.

Correct. I know the cr.strong to cr.jab link. Anyways, I finally got the link down! Thanks to all who contributed.

If you work out your regular blockstring, and then once you’re out of range to continue it, do one last cr.MP as a frame trap, and then do LP Rekka after it. If you do this a lot, you’ll get a few results:

-If the cr.MP is blocked, after it you do a pretty safe Rekka as a poke that works as another frame trap.
-If the cr.MP hits for a counter hit, you can link into LP Rekkas, and you’re not reacting to it, you’re just doing it anyway as part of your pressure.
-If the cr.MP lands but isn’t a counter hit, your LP Rekka works as another frame trap.

Don’t use this too much though, because you’ll eat a reversal here and there, and it’ll become so predictable they’ll just learn to block the whole thing. That’s where you’ve gotta change things up and throw the overhead in, maybe a throw after that or a mk.FK FADC, or dash in throw, mk.CW to FK frame trapping… You get the point!

Well, now that we are on the subject, what do you guys do as far as frame traps to land that counter link? I usualy do cr. lk, then go straight into mp. if it connects, I have enough time to link the rekkas. I got for lp, but yes, I think they have about the same start up… err, active frames.

My bad, damn these eye.

By that last bit, do you mean you can link HP Rekka??

So I assume it’d be a 1 frame link because HP Rekkas are 10 frame startup, MP is 9 and LP is 7 frames. So linking it to LP Rekka would be 4 frame link to LP Rekka?? That’s a larger gap than I thought it would be…

Might try it out later on today anyhow.

should be only lp Rekka after a cr.strong. on hit its +5 so on counterhit it should be +8 if im right on this. Rekka start ups from lp,mp,hp is 7,9,10. So you should only be able to link a lp rekka with 2 frame window.

Yes!! Got it. I checked it out, and you are correct!

I’ve really started abusing this string against crouch techers pretty hard with great results. Against people without reversals or have no meter but need some to reverse with, I abuse this string practically all day. What are they going to do? Take the chip damage.

random/mash ultra