Lil Formers - Street Fighter


Hey guys!

I happen to do this weekly webcomic on the side about geeky properties (mostly 80s stuff). The latest happens to be for Street Fighter, though you might want to have a look :wink: Just poking fun at how polite the villains in fighting games seem to be about the supposed final showdowns heh…

Many more strips at




Guile doesnt have eyebrows. Just thought Id share. Its funny though.


Good Stuff!


Yeah I know heh. I have had to draw him on a couple occasion and it just doesn’t work in my style without the eyebrows.


Oh shit, didn’t know you posted on here. Been following your comic since strip #10


I’m usually in the comics section chatting about UDON :wink:


Really love the artwork you do for this, MattMoylan.

What software do you use to create this?


guile doesn’t have eye brows…


CAn you show use how you do your inks? is it in ps?