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Juri Kills Friend! Lili Reset guide

In this short guide I will cover the effective resets of Lili. This short guide is intended to give you some tools to use and hopefully create your own Lili resets. Mastery of these resets can lead to 50-80% damage.

These resets require a few things:
Conditioning your opponent. You need to condition your opponent to commit to your high low mix up block strings.
Thinking. Yeah you gotta do that too. Going in a match with one reset is pointless, MIX IT UP!
Execution, you only get this after doing the first step…PRACTICE.

Lili: Well then, shall we begin?

Lili is a very unique character who has a plethora of tools. She can dive kick, counter moves, and reset her opponents and prevent them from rolling away. My Lili is effective for two reasons and they are my set ups and reset combos. If you are to follow this guide you will be able to effectively beat your opponent and be done before tea time.

Lili: Shall we begin?

Dive kick resets
How to get the dive kick resets…
[]Ground bounce. The more moves an opponent does before the ground bounce the better it is to set Lili up. Characters such as Hwaorang have moves that hit multiple times and ground bounces, perfect! Here’s the tricky part people, which dive kick to use? Mk dive comes out quicker and she recovers faster. HK dive kick is slower but more ambiguous because of the speed. HK dive will usually put you on the other side. Mk dive kick will put you in front of your opponent. Consider before the reset where you want to land and if it’ll open up your opponent to more damage.
]Another reset scenario comes from a jumping opponent that is hit with the dive kick. You do not need to simulate a ground bounce to do this. Just have your practice dummy jump up and down. Dive kick them to simulate an opponent jumping away or at you. Where you land varies depending where you are on the screen and what direction your opponent jumps from.
[*]Crumple State. If have a partner that has a meter less move that crumples such as Ken’s standing hk, you can use dive kick to reset them. Here is the only issue with the crumple state. You have two choices to make. You can either mk dive and end up on the other side and prevent them for falling over and doing the reset flip or you could hk dive land in front of them and try reset them. The choice is yours which dive kick to utilize. I say figure out what you opponents habits are fist on normal dive kicks and see if they press buttons or not. It’ll give you a good gauge on the opponent.

Lilis please keep in mind that what you do to mix up your opponent is up to you. Realize this Lilis…NOTHING IS GUARANTEED. Just because you reset someone doesn’t mean they’ll fall for it. I don’t fall for dive resets and if you use the same reset over and over again your opponent won’t fall for it either. Use them sparingly or as a means to overwhelm your opponent.

Standing Resets

Here I will discuss the standing resets wherein you the Lili player do enough damage and drop the combo but still get the frame trap to set you up for your next move.

[]Peacock jive (>mp) After doing this move you can pretty much combo into most things. While doing these combos you can set up a chance to get a nasty reset that easily takes 50-80% hp off your opponent. After the jive you will do a combo such as this, (>mp>st.lp.>>>mp denborium (+2 on hit)> (reset & frame trap)> sunflower lance or ex sunflower lance> Cr.hp> lk sunflower lance.) You have now taken away 50% or more from your opponent hp off such a simple set up. Get creative with number one folks. I’m only telling you one way to open up an opponent because I may need to use the others to OPEN YOU UP!
]Dropping the first hit of sunflower lance. If you nail sunflower lance from any combo you should at least complete one rep fully, this is to ensure your opponent is content with taking the move since it hits multiple times. This also means that you should finish the dang sunflower lance first before trying to get all resetty and mix upy. Do not try to go for this the first time because it’s risky. The damage is not guaranteed. It’s used to mix up, reset and set up for your next attack. The basic mix up I do with this is a throw. Your opponent will be confused and most likely be backing up. Go up get an easy throw and you reset the damage, easy 30-40%. Again get creative with this. You can do a lot with this simple mix up. Just don’t use it often. The idea with all these mix ups is to build a layered gameplan with specific set ups, mix-ups, and resets.
[]Dominating Step: I’ve been recently exploring with this move as of late. I don’t use it often because I solely rely on my frame traps to establish my mix up game. If you do use this try to make the second hit of the move connect as it resets the opponent as they grab their foot in pain. Works well in a ground bounce but only if the second hit connects; same goes for crumple state. You could also use it in a combo. Ken’s tatsu is great because it leaves the opponent up long enough that Lili can dash up and do it between the tatsu strings and begin mix up and a potential reset. Keep that in mind when finding a partner for Lili. Oh btw don’t ex cadc to ensure the move works, not worth blowing away 2 meters. You want to save as much meter as possible for ex moves.
]Dominating Heel: I don’t give this over head much love because of how bad it is after block buuuuut wouldn’t it be great if you could combo with it…well then ladies and gents I present to you my newest tech, dominating heel reset. What you need to make this work…a teammate who can keep an opponent standing long enough for Lili to get a jump attack. My teammate Ken gives me this option. After Lili connects with the jumping hk (you have to do this one) you can do f+hk. You need to practice this one because the timing is key. It looks to be a 2 frame link. If you drop the combo you’re -7 and that’s not good. If you connect with the move your opponent is stuck in the hit animation and has to begin guessing. You can either do the combo and drop it somewhere in it or end it with denborium or you can frame trap them into a mix up situation. No matter what you reset the damage, that’s the purpose of this mix up.
Again the key to making everything happen here is having a good partner and LOTS OF PRACTICE. Dropping a combo, and especially a reset combo, is risky and could cost you a game. If you have any questions about Lili or any of her resets just ask me on the srk boards (Juri_Kills_Friend!) or on xbox live (Purple Eye Girl). Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and I hope you guys can create some nasty nasty resets with Lili! Until then…let’s stay beautiful! ^.^v


Love the guide. Is there any video version planned? Would be especially helpful for someone like me who is considering picking her up.


Would it do more damage to change it to ->>> x f.hp (Heavy Languish) > mp Dendrobium > x st.hp > ex sunflower lance > cr.hp > lk Sunflower Dance.

Also, offline mindgames. Do the Lili stare should you ever do “Let’s Get Beautiful!”


st mp is a tight one frame link after peacock jive. The combo looks nice. I would say you would get close to 60% hp

Haha i’ll do the lili stare one day.


Would HP version not be better as it’s +3 on hit, probably due to MP version pushing you back a bit more than HP, Idk.

I like to delay CADCs and fish for CH with HP Deo as you can combo off it on CH with xx lance/ex deo.


bingo. If you do st.lp to then you can hp den. You usually want to mp because it keeps you still in range to poke your opponent and force them to block the low or they get hit and you nail the reset.