Lili videos (SFxT)



Match/tut/combo/etc videos anyone? Quite a few players picked her up here. Sorry bout the quality. More to come for sure.





thanks man. will be great to see how you play lili yourself, you helped me with Chun in AE:)

and yeah, while the guide thread is GREAT. having a dedicated (hopefully stickied) match video thread will be very helpful


lol not exactly the greatest opponent, but its the most recent one i have


lol thanks. Still using Chun though, undecided on a Tekken character for now.






guess i’ll put them here too…


Wait how does Japan already have the Alternate costumes??

I saw a different Juri and Lili up there in the Japanese videos. So far from what I have seen the only Lili I think is pretty good is the player who uses the Nina x Lili team. Also the one from the video that 4neqs posted is good too.




LOL, I posted local vids here in the Philippines. It’s offline casuals on the Xbox 360 with the alts enabled.


Hahaha omg I’m assuming it was hacked






Casuals from my friends last week… Using spoiler to see if it helps load the vids any faster. Some are L’s but I hope things can be learned from them, sorry bout the quality til I get a tripod and/or better cam.

Casuals from the week of Mar 24







When I watched that match the first time, I came.


I don’t think this one has been posted but I might be wrong, also Hi :slight_smile: I’ve decided to learn Lili as of yesterday (mainly cos I’m sick of people jumping in on my Asuka :frowning: ). So far I’ve not really looked at a lot on this forum, so as someone who has spent about 2 hours in total in training room only with her where’s the best thread to start?

Oh yeah and unsurprisingly the vid is Alioune and even less of a surprise its just and insane Lili show.



Okay Lili heads. I posted up some random matches from my online escapades. I’m on dsl as a heads up so if you see anything too wonky it might be because of that. Anyway. Some matches from XBL. Add me if you wanna team up or play against me. =)


With Asuka her anti air’s is, st.lp,, and I hope that will help you and if you need a partner I would be happy to team up with you and show you some Lili stuff I feel that my Lili is on par with Alioune’s Lili well I think it is lol


Yo Dante. Had fun chillin and playing with ya on xbl. Let’s try to do it again sometime. Anyway lili heads here is just one vid i could manage to upload. I deleted another by mistake and can’t get it back. -sigh-
Also subscribe and follow me on my youtube page and XBL.
More later. Trust me. The next batch of vids are oh so good. Dante knows what i’m talking about…DOUBLE PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!



My match is the last one on the video