Lili's SFxT 2013 Changes



• Walk speed - Changed to same as Poison
• HP - Push back on block when used in boost combo reduced
• HK - Push back on block when used in boost combo reduced
• Andante - Removed lower body invincibility against air attacks

  • Startup 9F->8F
    • Dominating Heel - Startup 7F->6F
  • Damage 40->50
  • On hit causes opponent forced standing
    • Cross Rush - Damage 100->50
    • Cross Arts - Received Damage 310->300
    • EX Angel Knee - Damage 90->80
    • Angel Knee Ascension - Damage 90->30
  • Midair combo counter usage changed to 1
  • Will hit on ground opponents
  • Hit box enlarged
  • Can be jump canceled
  • Changed move attack property from mid to high

Special move meter gain:
• Angel Knee: On hit 40->35
• Sunflower Lance 1st hit: whiff 10->15/On hit 20->25
• Sunflower Lance 2nd hit: whiff 5->15/On hit 20->25
• Sunflower Lance 3rd hit: whiff 5->15/On hit 10->15×2(30)
• Divine Step: whiff 15->20/On hit 10+20+20(50)->20×3(60)
• Air Spine Shot (L & M): On hit 40->50
• Air Spine Shot (H): On hit 20+20(40)->25×2(50)
• Attack Reversal: whiff 15->20/On hit 50->80
• Feisty Rabbit: whiff 10
• Rabbit’s Foot: whiff 5->15/On hit 0->30
• Cloisonne: whiff 5->15/On hit 0->20×2(40)
• Rabbit Thorn: whiff 0->15/On hit 0->30
• Dendrobium: whiff 15->0/On hit 40->50

I’m glad the walk speed is now faster ( Poison does have a faster walk speed). I’m not happy that her anti-air lost lower body invincibility, but I dont feel that move would turn out terrible. I will miss it, though. :’(

And Angel Knee Ascension can now be jumped canceled. I’m not I sure what for, the first thing thats pops into mind is you can use it to quickly - and safely - raw tag.

thanks for making this for us. Lemme put it more into perspective…
LILI 2013 SFXT CHANGES AND JFK Thoughts and input.

Walk speed – Changed to same as Poison
HP – Push back on block when used in boost combo reduced
HK – Push back on block when used in boost combo reduced
everyone is getting this nerf so whatever.

Andante – Removed lower body invincibility against air attacks

  • Startup 9F->8F
    This is a nerf but she can do lp counter and all the other anti airs. She has too many tools anyway but it was our best anti air tool. This shouldn’t effect us much anyway and you should adjust.

Dominating Heel – Startup 7F->6F

  • Damage 40->50
  • On hit causes opponent forced standing
    OH MY GOD. THE BIGGEST BUFF. Not only is the first move special cancelable but this move causes a force stand! STANDING! I’ll have to test it out when the changes go through. This also means that lili can link it from a stand lp or and FORCE A STAND. HER MIX UP GAME AND DAMAGE HAS BEEN UP BY THIS SINGLE BUFF. You can get freaking crazy standing resets all day and go into angel knee more easily since the move forces a stand. My mind cannot take it. I’m having an orgasm right now at how gdlk this buff is.

Cross Rush – Damage 100->50
Was gonna happen. I knew it.

Cross Arts – Received Damage 310->300
I thought it did 300 damage. I’m sure it does…so I dunno about this nerf. Oh well it doesn’t matter too much.

EX Angel Knee – Damage 90->80
Angel Knee Ascension – Damage 90->30

  • Midair combo counter usage changed to 1
  • Will hit on ground opponents
  • Hit box enlarged
  • Can be jump canceled
  • Changed move attack property from mid to high
    Well at least you can use the move now outside of anti airing. You can now juggle with it. It’s nerfed damage but it’s still good. This move is very good now and here is why. Ex angel knee is upper body invincible. So she cannot be attack by a jumping attack and the move is now jump cancelable and you can do more off of it. I’ll have to test

Special move meter gain:
Angel Knee: On hit 40->35 (that’s because you’ll be doing it a lot more thanks to buff)
Sunflower Lance 1st hit: whiff 10->15/On hit 20->25 (OMFG YES)
Sunflower Lance 2nd hit: whiff 5->15/On hit 20->25 (FUCK YES)
Sunflower Lance 3rd hit: whiff 5->15/On hit 10->15×2(30) (OH BABY OH BABY!)
Divine Step: whiff 15->20/On hit 10+20+20(50)->20×3(60) (meh…it’s good just not easy to hit. I mean with ex divine step she may get more meter back for using it.)
Air Spine Shot (L & M): On hit 40->50 (Mmmm hmmm.)
Air Spine Shot (H): On hit 20+20(40)->25×2(50) (Ooooh yeaaaah)
Attack Reversal: whiff 15->20/On hit 50->80 (Damn this is gdlk! Now it’ll force you lazy lilis to counter. If that’s one thing I don’t see you all doing its this counter. So you have incentive now to do lp counter on a jump in. 80 METER. THAT’S ALMOST ONE FREAKING BAR)
Feisty Rabbit: whiff 10 (dunno what it was before so I can’t comment)
Rabbit’s Foot: whiff 5->15/On hit 0->30 (A buff and a really good one. I dunno how many of you lilis actually do this. It’s a strong buff guys.)
Cloisonne: whiff 5->15/On hit 0->20×2(40) (All buffs. I use these)
Rabbit Thorn: whiff 0->15/On hit 0->30 (Mmmmmm mmmmm…YES)
Dendrobium: whiff 15->0/On hit 40->50 (FUCK! It’s a 50/50. a nerf and a buff)

My thoughts.

Lili is probably going to be a power house character and easily a top tier character now. First I’ll touch on her meter gain buffs. Capcom I love you so much right now. They understand lili, I’m not even joking. They know she needs meter. She now builds meter like crazy. That means you could play her on point if you wished. COUNTER BUILDS THE MOST METER! 80 meter is huge! So huge that if you make a good read, you’re rewarded with lots of meter gain! They’re trying to encourage Lili players to use feisty rabbit…you lazy lilis. That is the one tool you use to move across the screen guys. And I don’t want to say you guys don’t but I will, you guys do not use rabbit foot and cloisonne outside of ex. I use that normally as much as possible because of how far it moves her to her opponent. That is part of her footsie game and it’s a high low footsies game Lilis. Lk goes low and mk is high and then mid. So now they’re gonna reward you if you do it and I expect you guys do it because it’s sooo awesome with the meter incentive. Dive kicks got buff, man I feel spoiled with this buff. Not only do you get more meter gain for 50/50 air mix up but it rewards you for doing it =). Also angel knee got a nerf because it got a buff from a normal being more gdlk but I’ll talk about that later. SO Lili’s main tool for doing her 50/50 mix ups in total earn her 65 meter. 65 METER! If you didn’t know, sunflower lance puts your opponent in the longest knock down state of all her moves. This move should be used at all times no matter what because it sets you up for a dive kick which builds more meter which builds ex moves which builds damage which leads 50/50s which leads to more damage which leads to more meter gain which leads to dead characters. Lastly divine step got a massive meter buff but the move is still very difficult to use. It may reward you for using ex divine step which homes but I would have to test it out to see what it all means in the end.

Now we’re on to normals and special move buffs and nerfs. The nerfs are these. Lili can now trade with air to airs with andante, so that means it’s not as gdlk but you still don’t wanna jump on her especially with the buff she got. The next nerf is lowering her launcher damage. Lili was one of the few characters with an unscaled launcher before 50% damage scaling. So that means she could do xyz combo and then launch and get 100 damage off launcher and your partner would get some crazy damage from it. That means one of my kenxlili bnb combos will have to be changed but that’s good for me since I will be using it more now in matches. The next nerf might be confusing for some people but I’ll make as simple as possible. Ex angel knee could do 180 with both hits. Right now it’s useless but you say wait lili can do 180, well that’s if there is no scaling and she can do 180 off counter and peacock waltz which are far better than burning meter for 180. To make the ex more viable in combos they had to reduce the damage otherwise she’d get freaking near one meter 50% combos, I’m not even kidding guys. Angel knee got nerfed in meter gain since you’re gonna be using it a lot more in combos thanks to the buff. Chain combo nerfs blah blah blah everyone got those. You can still do stand hp in chain because you can ex special cancel it so its not a big deal anyway and the cross arts nerf is kinda pointless, who cares.

Now to buffs to her normals and special moves. Where do I begin…where do I begin. Capcom did it right. She moves at poison like speed, which I like but it was for the lazy Lilis, I move pretty fine across the screen with her you can ask the people I’ve fought. I personally think that is by far her hugest buff. It amplifies her capabilities as a character by tenfold. She will do more damage, and gain more meter from her moves and opens a new door for high low mix ups and standing resets. It’s such a ground breaking buff for her. A light attack that forces a stand. That’s fucking nuts. AND SHE CAN LINK INTO IT! A TWO FRAME LINK FROM STANDING LP! That means>mp> st.lp> (force a stand) special cancel the lk into WHATEVER YOU FUCKING FEELING LIKE! WHATEVER YOU FUCKING FEEL LIKE! This is probably the biggest buff of the whole 2013 patch because of how much it caters to all of her buffs she got. It just leaves me speechless. The next buff is from her ex angel knee. Outside of the first hit it was completely useless to do the full move because you couldn’t convert anything without wasting 2 meters. Now the move gives you one juggle point so that means you can do something after it. The move is can also now be jump canceled. I hope your mind is working it the new possibilities that can come from this. The hit box is better now so it works like a true dp and it’s a strong move at that. Pretty much jumping in on Lili is more dangerous than ever. Did I mention that the move over heads now and if I’m reading this correctly it hits grounded opponents…Lili is on that mvc3 level LOL. Again, something I will have to test out when it goes live. If that’s true then welcome to “A few street fighter guys X LILI” hahahaha. It took me a bit to read the changes but this move is her best ex move now because you can’t do shit to her now if she does it and it also might give hint to the new oki game that they are working with for 2013. Welcome to the end of sfxt fellas, Lili has arrived to take over. Harada said that the lolis would take over the world, how right he was.

Top 5 for sure.

BUFF IT AND MAKE IT ANOTHER HIGH LOW MIX UP THAT’S INVINCIBILE AND THAT COULD POTENTIALLY HIT YOU WHILE YOU’RE ON THE GROUND. (I could be reading it wrong but there’s only so many ways you can read it without coming to that conclusion)

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Well see you all in 2013. Lili army is coming to kill you all with grace.


Well I assume that even though Andante got slightly nerfed, the fact that it still retain its juggle properties is a good thing, and Im pretty sure now that it is faster we can get combos off a trade. Sure I’ll take some damage while I inflict double or even triple in the process.

I’m quite happy, Lili is gonna be at least A-tier for sure.

Yeah I think she’s going to be A tier for sure but not top tier

In my eyes she’ll be top tier. My Xiaoyu/Lili team is looking a lot better off than it was before and I’m grateful.

japanese have her at A tier already. She just wasn’t A+ tier. In time you guys will understand the changes when they are live. Atm i’m still in mind is fucking blown state.
Dude if you have one meter you can do ex angel knee and do 110 damage and jump cancel and do>j.hp into peacock waltz. That’s easily a 40%+ damage she does on your trying to jump in.

I’m trying to figure out who will I put her with as well, I dont really like shotos, and fireball zoning won’t be much of a thing like it is right now, I was worried about Hugo, but now that his stupid lariat and splash are nerfed it will be fine.

Hugo was never a threat to Lili in the first place. She had j. :lk:, :mk: and :hk: dive kick to deal with super armor. Also her anti-air would destroy any attempt at a body splash but now after the 2013 she won’t have to worry about any of that at all. Just another braindead match-up to deal with. Honestly the Akuma match-up doesn’t even worry me anymore with increased walk speed.

Yeah that’s why she’s gonna be top tier.
Most of the sf cast is nerfed. She broke even with most of them now it’s a clear 6-4 or 5.5 in 2013.
Akuma vs lili is not a good match up for him now. It’s gonna be even worse in 2013 with the stupid amount of meter she can build and if ex angel knee does actually otg it’ll be a 8-2 match up because if he’s knocked down he’ll die. It only takes lili two mix ups to kill akuma.
Lastly you can play on point or as anchor. So that means for those who like asuka and lili well there you go, go have a field day with that team cause lili can build meter and asuka can use it and isn’t so much ass now. I’m gonna keep my team comp the same because well if you can’t beat my ken you won’t even touch my lili =)

Yeah man the Akuma match up has became a lot more easier now with the increased walkspeed and with the nerf to the rolls Akuma can die really quickly

I may end up putting her on point because Xiaoyu as anchor is braindead easy to run. Xiaoyu still has the ability to safe tag after a Cr. :hk: ender and Lili’s approach game will be solid with dat walkspeed…damn! I can’t wait to style on people even more than I already am! No more safe tag DP’s that means you can literally stand there and block the DP and punish the incoming character or both regardless of multi hit or not! This is just great stuff!

First it’s akuma then it’s hugo and then it’s 2013 and then LILI TAKES OVER THE WORLD. Pretty simple plan if i say so myself.

Just feels good to get revenge on OZleon after suffering defeat at his hands constantly. Will08 will die too because he has no more cheap Julia bs to hide behind. No one is safe in 2013! :rofl:

My team will become extremely dangerous in 2013 with the buff to Dominating Heel where it forces the opponent to stand up I can now create some un crouchable set ups with Guy and Lili because with Guy’s Bushin Flip you can only avoid it by crouching and with Dominating Heel forcing them to stand they can’t avoid the Bushin flip that is just amazing the amount of mix ups with Guy/Lili is just amazing right now both Guy and Lili will have fast walkspeeds, amazing high/low mix ups, un crouchable setups, safe tags and much more

Dominating Heel is her toe stomp isn’t it? So aren’t they talking about Submissive Heel instead? Either way both of those moves forced standing on hit and lead to free combos after a link. Either way the start-up on it has decreased so less chance of being hit out of it (hopefully). Both moves got plenty of use from me since free combos are always fun.

Other chars algo got nerfed in their “braindead” areas: Rolento? no more rekkas upclose. Raven? no more jump back Kunai, Hugo? we already know Cody? cr.Lk nerfed.

It might be a good idea to put Lili with someone with better footsies/fundamentals since she has so many good mixups, now that she also builds more meter you can even use her on point and it is still fine. This girl is going on a wreck tour on 2013.

Either way both forces standing on hit so a bunch of people are going to be getting slam dunked by the Businryu this winter

Good luck people of 2013.

i’ll try to get us hella nerfed. It will be my sole mission! YOLO!