Lili's Special Move Discussion: Feisty Rabbit



[Feisty Rabbit]

This special maneuver causes Lili to leap toward her opponent while spinning. Lili is projectile invulnerable during the middle of this attack, giving her a way to blow through an opponent’s projectiles and strike back with one of the three Feisty Rabbit follow-up attacks. Timing Feisty Rabbit to pass through projectiles can sometimes be difficult, since it has a slight period of vulnerability at the beginning of the move and the invulnerable state runs out quickly. You must react to a projectile with this Special
Move immediately to pass through it successfully. EX Feisty Rabbit hits the opponent and can extend juggle combos, but it doesn’t deal much damage unless you connect with one of the followup attacks. It’s also invulnerable for the first few frames, so it can be used as a reversal attack.

personally i use it to close distances(roundhouse version) into the Rabbit’s Foot since she recovers faster than the other followups and it comes out quicker. It is -5 on block but if you space it correctly where her heel reaches the opponent barely you should be safe to recover. this is just me though.

Besides avoiding projectiles, have any of you found another good use of this move?


Using it to extend or end combos. If you use the EX version it can catch falling opponents if high enough.


ex rabbit is the best way to extend combos. ex den on a juggling opponent will whiff a few hits. Usually i do cr.hp into ex rabbit for the most damage, buuuuuut you can only do one follow up attack afterward and it has to be in the air or a chain combo.


I think EX Rabbit is her best wake up option. Although very few attacks have managed to hit me out of it. I guess that’s fine. As long as it beats shoryuken and 360 grabbing mashers, I’ll take that any small flaw any day


If you do two Feisty rabbits, you can cancel out into a special rather than doing the LK MK HK


!!! GOOD SHIT. Now this move is actually somewhat useful beyond going through fireballs at full-screen into neutral range. Her normal followups are unsafe on block and therefore no good for the most part.

Lili can use non-EX Feisty Rabbit~Rabbit Thorn in some character exchange combos. Try it out with whoever you have on point.


You can cancel feisty rabbit into feisty rabbit. Apparently GooseMoose is saying you can actually cancel the second feisty rabbit into a special rather than one of the canned followups.

I don’t really see why you’d use feisty rabbit overhead over Sunflower.


Feisty Rabbit goes further and starts from the F position, making it easier to do while walking forward. Also doesn’t need meter. You can hop from about 80% of the screen with MK Feisty Rabbit twice and cancel into Dendrobium and you’re in there. Bait with counter, backdash, do whatever.

EX Sunflower Lance is good when you’re crouching at footsies range and can react to a fireball.


Dont forget the follow up combo after Ex Sunflower, Lili Corp.!!!



Oh wow, I had no idea she could even follow up on that. I assume the ideal followup is cr.HP xx LK Sunflower Lance?


I’m not sure if she can tag cancel her EX sunflower lance, but if she can , it’s one of her few reliable tag cancel moves then.


yes. otherwise good that you mention the while not walking forward part.Hate it when Ex Angel knee comes out :frowning:



she can tag cancel out of her ex sunflower lance, but if they block, its ridiculously unsafe, however if you tag cancel during this, you can get a free counter hit set up, or be happy birthday’d


EX Dendrobium is the better tag cancel option. Safe on block and free wall bounce.


nevermind her ex sunflower lance is pretty much safe on block


I like using the HK version on the opponents wake up. It’s a pretty sneaky cross up if you time as soon as they’re recovering. It’s gimmicky, but it’s an option. I also use MK FR against people who roll just because it helps me time catching their rolls with jump back mk. But I guess that’s more of a personal thing lol.


Yup, Ex Sunflower Lance is +3 on Block.


Wow, I had no idea you could cancel Feisty Rabbit into itself and then into a special move. Anyone got any neat tech for that? I can only think of shenanigans like M.FR xx M.FR xx M.Counter, or c.LP, c.LP xx H.FR xx H.FR, f.MK to hit any whiffed punish attempts.


I was cancelling L Rabbit in training mode all day today. It was cheap amusement watching her twirl endlessly lol


Rabbit Thorn is annoying. Another Lili was hitting me with it. It seems to have pretty good priority despite being unsafe. Cloisonne is equally annoying but safer.