Limb Baiting

I’m currently in the process of completely scrapping Dhalsim 101 and turning it into a ‘moves and attributes’ kinda thing. The more I play and the better I get, the more I realize that you can’t explain how to use Dhalsim, you can only explain his move set. But before I post that shit, a couple of other threads have to be made in order to make sense of the coming guide. Limb Baiting is one of those things. Here’s what you need to know:

Limb Baiting is using low-frame-count moves between your high-frame-count moves in order to a) provoke a bad reaction out of your opponent, and b) give yourself time to block or punish that reaction.

See, if you’re zoning at full screen and you’re just throwing out an endless barage of pokes, your opponent is going to start guessing successfully and doing big damage Tiger Uppercut / SRK / Headbutt type moves that’ll smash your predictable limbs. Or if you’re at anti-air range and you just keep throwing your strong/forward pokes, eventually you’re going to get jumped in on for free.

Limb Baits are a stronger tactic then just inserting random amounts of time between pokes, because when you limb bait you show motion. If from full screen you just do something like ‘s.fierce (wait) s.fierce (wait more) s.fierce (wait less)’, your opponent is just going to turtle up on you. But if you do ‘s.fierce (jab) s. fierce (jab, jab) s.fierce’, almost by magic you’ll see that your opponent starts showing suicidal tendencies.

Here are a couple of examples of real game situations in which limb baiting works like a charm:

Dhalsim vs. E Honda at 3/4 screen:

If you just throw a barrage of pokes, a scrubby E Honda is going to guess a Headbutt that’ll smash your shit. On the other hand, a good E Honda is going to throw chops from full screen that’ll beat your predictable pokes. So, you limb bait between pokes to provoke him to do something. Show him s.fierce and then jab: that scrubby E Honda will guess the headbutt which you have time to block and punish; and the good E Honda will whiff a chop, which you then have time to s.Fierce.

Dhalsim vs. Ryu at jump-in range:

If you’re at Ryu’s jump-in range, generally you’re going to be throwing your medium pokes. While this might keep him at bay for a little, eventually that Ryu is going to either guess a DP or manage to jump-in while you’re recovering from your medium poke. If, however, you throw jabs in between your medium pokes, you’re likely to see Ryu either whiff a DP (because he expected stretch-limb instead of jab) which you have time to punish, or guess a jump-in which (because you threw that quick-recovering jab) you’ll have time to anti-air.

This sort of logic applies to every single match-up in the game. Think about when to use it against who, work it into your Sim play, and watch how much of a difference it’ll make.

this is definatley an interesting idea and something i will try when im noext online. been taking some time off with sim to practice my other main (Abel) but this defo sounds like a viable match tactic

I love how Iyo does this all the time in the gamestop exhibition match vs daigo

All Sim players should be using fake limbs.

Great tips! I like this idea.


Good tips. relying on st.fierce is definitely the worst part of my game.

ultra + super to jaysonx. 10 hit combo.

Could you post some vids of good baiting?

I love using st. strong, st. forward and st. short as pokes, specially between st. fierce. They are pretty fast (st. forward is faster than st. strong, though the former tends to wiff on crouching opponents) and pretty safe. And they create the illusion that Sim is a formidable wall of pokes, and you can bait them into tossing out random FAs or SRKs, which you can then promptly punish.