Limit Breaks?

heard this term being throw around also saw it in the new japanese video …what is it referring to?..the super bar limit?..the damage scale?..i asked a few friends of mine and they have no clue either

It’s when they break flying screen.


Limit breaking is when they break the fly screen once, but then do a series of attacks that cause the fly screen to be “Repaired” and are able to do sj, chain combo into specials, and supers agian.

so whenever you see Limit Break in the Meik. Vids, it means they broke the fly screen, but then fix it that they can continue the combo as if they didn’t.

those japs are crazy

whoah whoah whoah how do you undo flying screen?

yeah. how do you do it? those japs…

one way i’ve noticed the japs do it is by breaking the fly screen( only in the corner) then while there character comes down they hit the oppenent, do a series of normals usually c.jabs, then a medium, then sweep, otg, fly screen has been restored.

they did it in in Meik. 11 with cable at 2:11

and in the guile combo, and in the cyclops combo agianst roll, and in the dhalsim combo, and in the spiderman combo( one of my favs in the vid =p), and in the shuma/amigo combo.

in other words in order to undo the fly screen break, you must otg the oppenent after fly screen is broken, it is also the ONLY way to undo fly screen.

why?, because when the fly screen is broken the game begins to track the characters momentum, which stops certian infinites from happening.

so in order to stop the screen from tracking the character, you must cause the character to go into a knockdown state, usually from a sweep, and when they are in the knockdown state the character isn’t moving, thus the screen stops tracking the character, thus reseting fly screen, and now you can otg the character and continue to do a combo.

if fly screen wasn’t in place you could easy infinites like with storm in the corner for example, hk, sj, hk, dash down/forward, hk, land otg, s. hk, repeat.

but WAIT there was an otg in that combo, however there is also a timer( if you will for the fly screen to reset as well as the otg factor.

in order for to sj/special cancel/super cancel, you must keep the character in a sorta juggle state.

example, Storm combo on commmando, corner only, hk, sj, hk, dash down/forward, hk, land, c.lp, c. lp, c.lp,, c. mk( the sweep) pause(note: don’t do the hk, when the mk recovers, but to the end of the recovery frames, so that it is still a chain combo) then you can do a s. hk because has a long recovery, which in that period fly screen is restored, and then you do sj, tri jump lk, land, hk, sj, magic series, hk(knocks down the character), hp while comming down to otg the character then c.lp, c.lp, c.lp,,, pause, sj, etc.

note combos like these are HELLA hard. they can only be done on certian sprites, and require STRICT timing.

however NOTE: not all Limit breaking combos require Specfic character sprites, case in point the spider-man combo at 3:01, in this combo they didn’t need to juggle the character after the knockdown before undoing the fly screen, because the knockdown from the super broke the fly screen, AND force the screen to focus on the character long enough to undo fly screen, and gave Spider-man enough time to come in,, s. hk, sj, Btw knock downs like that are unrollable, and unmashable because they are fly screen knockdowns.

wow…ok…now i have to watch the videos again to actually know what the hell i’m looking for…so you can create fly screen break it and make the screen fly again? or it just gives you the chance to re-launch?

good one Gouki10. gotta watch meik_11 again this time. sigh. yeah, just by reading yer explanations, it’s already damn hard. never seen someone pull that off in a real match. would be very interesting though.

i’ve noticed soemthing about the video…during certain combos there are only two characters listed…on the 1p side and a character that is actually doing the combo isn’t there…my thought is maybe they have burned the game so much that shit that isn’t normally there is there and you can do certain things that you can’t do in the arcade…there’s one combo where they call an assist like four times…i always thought you could only call one per combo…does anyone have an explanation for this? i know this is off topic…but maybe the name of the post should be changed to meik vol. 11

im not familier with those combos, i’ll try and get BBHOOD in here as he is one of best Mvc2 Glitch experts that i know.


Your theory is wrong. What happened in those combos is that they used the 2 Character glitch. What the glitch does is it hides the life bar of a character under the first character(main character that is active on the screen). That is why you see missing characters. Also being able to send an assist infinite amount of times is also a property of the 2 Character Glitch. You will notice that the assists sent out more than once are the characters you are unable to see the life bar of. For more info please visit the link below it tell you all about the 2 Character glitch and the ways to perform the glitch in text and video form.

i see thanks for clearing that up…but it seems like you can only do the 2 character glitch with certain characters or did they write it up that way for tutorial purposes?

Yeah the 2 character glitch works with everyone.

I wrote the tutorial.

You can make any character glitched with the 2 Character Glitch but you need certain characters to glitch a character.

your definitions are wrong dude!

“breaking flying screen” = limit break. flying screen means you can no longer use superjumps, specials, supers. “breaking” this (in the west we have generally called it FSD) means you can do these special actions again, which is the same as what meikyousisui call limit break. so taiji was right =]

whatever, point was that i helped the thread to understand how it’s done so im good.

so exactly how does one break the flying screen? Check this thread out. It even gives examples.

thnx a lot

i better way to defining how to break fs: Cause fs and get rid of it (meaning use your imagination! fsd doesn’t just happen with AC’s it can be done in other ways not just launch ______ -> otg.)