Limited Edition Street Fighter - Eternal Challenge Art Books and More!

Man I wish I could go there to buy at least one of these…



Limited to only 500 copies each.

Anyway it starts today so if you’re int he San Diego area you might want to swing buy and pick up some of these cool limited items. Make sure to get one for me too for giving you the heads up :pleased: For more info go here.

Old news.

Try browsing the threads, because this was announced weeks ago by Erik Ko.

You can still get them if you’re not going to SDCC
Go to
But you better hurry. Very limited quantities.

Wow only $95… :confused: Anyone know how much they are going for at the convention? Anyway thanks for the link, those lithographs look cool and I think I might pick up one (or both) of those wall posters…

$50 for the bust and $80 for the books. Those are the convention prices.

And “only” two covers! Thats 190 bucks right there, without shipping.

Good luck completing your collection!

But hey, theyre doing this “to pay the plane ride from the Capcom artists” - the fans (that used to collect every cover) get the shaft so Udon gets more promotion! Instead of supporting the fans that support them (because who else does if not the cover collectors?), they give them the middle finger!


get a fucking life you nerd


God damn. Ok someone jsut get me the autographed hard cover, I already have the art book anyway… :pleased:

Nobody’s forcing you to buy it you fucktard.

Considering how rare the items are, it’s not a bad price. Factor in travel and admission fees to SDCC, and it comes out to about the same (not including shipping of course)

heh, considering how my sister could get me a ticket to Cali for like $30 I could jsut go there and get it for less, but then agian I would be missing work which means I would be missing money… Anyway it will probably jsut be another cool item I will miss out on, ohh well, I think I would ratehr spend that money on the purple Vampire Saturn pad for PS2 anyway… :slight_smile:

Some people really know how to be a skeptical pessimist.