Limited Run Games- Pink Sega Genesis/Saturn controllers

So Limited Run Games is doing some Limited Edition Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn controllers for Breast Cancer Awareness, in some spiffy Translucent pink styling. I don’t even particularly like Pink, Blue is my color. But the way they did these look pretty slick. I’d been procrastinating on getting one of these Retrobit USB Saturn controllers for my Raspberry Pi, so i grabbed one of these Translucent Pink USB versions. Price ain’t bad either, $20+$5 shipping.

Just a heads up if anyone else might like these, as i don’t see it being talked about much anywhere.

I had the clear blue one, nice packaging, but the built quality of the controller wasn’t that great. I got rid of it and kept the M30.

Limited Run games doesn’t make these controllers. It’s Retrobit. The guys that have been putting out the recent Genesis & Saturn pads lately. Judging from reviews i’ve seen, they are of Good quality.

I know, I had the Genesis and the Saturn, they just didn’t feel enough like the originals. I bought them as soon as they were released.

I gave them to @FreedomGundam

It’s nice of Retro-Bit to join a good cause and donate money.

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That’s correct, and I thank you for that!

In all honesty, I haven’t used those two much; they feel… okay, I guess? I don’t have enough experience with OG Genesis/Saturn controllers (the only official one that I have is the PS2 Darkstalkers Saturn controller).

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Did you know the original run of the Saturn pads actually had issues but, they fixed them with a rerelease? You can still find the older “model 1” stock on amazon for about $10 cheaper, than the revised Model 2 version pads.

Which ones did you have?

Edit: Oh, you said you bought them on release. You got the flawed release Saturn pads then.

for a while a few years ago on ebay somebody from china used to sell counterfeit usb sega saturn pads for pc that look and feel identical to the originals just for 20 bucks a piece I think even for less. Those controllers were good quality i don’t know what happened to them I think i gave them all to my cousins.