Lincoln, Nebraska


Weekday SSF4 etc. Playing is what this is about. Or any Lincoln, Nebraska events
Hopefully get some folks in here that can’t travel to Omaha/K.C./ St. Louis that have jobs/kids, that live in Lincoln and can get together for whatever.
Lincoln, Represent! Where you guys at!?!?!


i give this thread one month, tops.


Thanks for actually taking the time to post a scrub comment, lol. Typical SRK kid. Why not be supportive? Maybe help get some shit going on the weekdays. I have 3 daughters and work friday saturday sunday 7pm to 730 am. So…maybe its up a month, then it will be reposted. Thanks Fury!


add me on xbox live im in a small town in NE but ill be moving to lincoln mid may, need to find more sf ppl to play with @_@


lol gk is the shit


DirtySecrett from Lincoln, NE. DO IT!


Nice thread. Do you yall come to omaha?


yea when i move to lincoln im planning to go to omaha to play against the best in ne :smiley:


Sweetdeal. What all games do u play?
Check out my newer vids

i will have ssf4 up soon


i only play street fighter 4 or super street fighter 4 , bought a xbox for that reason alone lol and DV your gamertag dont work


Just bought ssf4 yesterday. Ill pm you
guys my #. I got plenty room n tvs for
games . Need to know when you can play


Hey doctor villain, get ur xbox gt figured out? I’ll add you here in a second, just busy with the kids. I can play monday through thursday, i work weekends only at the hospital. So hit me up. Get some offline practice going then carpool to omaha or something.
My number is 402-770-6689, shoot me a text and tell me who you are and we can get something started.


moving this sunday and i prob get a new cell and number on monday or tuesday , when i get that setup ill give you 2 a call


Let me know if anyone can play tonite
im havin games goin later today


Let me know if anyone can play tonite
im havin games goin later today


you’ve been in the omaha thread right? why can’t you just post there? you’ll have better luck :slight_smile:


pretty sure its already been posted in the “Omaha” thread. Problem is, I dont play in Omaha, won’t play in omaha, couldn’t if i wanted to. My schedule and responsibilities are out of control.
So… i made a post for specifically Lincoln,NE and its had more of a response that what was mentioned in the Omaha thread.


well, there’s always online i suppose.


Ill see what i can do bout goin out there
to lincoln sat. I want to see some matches


Thread may be dead but UNL student bumping it up! Trithreat on Live and PSN, Trithleon on steam, and raptr trith. Need to get with some peoples cus I suck and can’t play no one :(! PS: Dorm connections are shit so can’t even play live much, fucking DC’s like a bitch!)