Lindsay lohan jailed for 90 days, how many days do you think she will serve?

everyone knows celebs don’t do any time, so how much you think she will do

Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating probation, skipping alcohol ed classes

also i wish michelle rodriguez was in jail too and made lohan her bitch but oh well

I would say somewhere between 25-50 days since the judge hates her. Her sentencing video is hilarious

oh yea funny video


i hope she shanks someone that would be awesome

I don’t get it. I mean, she already came out of the closet a long time ago. Why isn’t she trying to help herself?

Sigley, I’m disappointed. For someone who likes to place bets you could at least have given an over/under.

o/u probably would be 2

i thought either they gonna let her out right away or she gonna do most if not all of the sentence

though p gorath is probably right in that the judge hates her so she’s gonna do at least some time but due to overcrowding they’ll prolly make her do half her sentence and do the other half on supervised probation or something

either way i’m sure it’ll be hilarious

Sad thing is, any non celebrity who got DUI convictions would be in jail for years, not days.

Oh shit, a fatherbrain sighting. When are you gonna do more interviews, man?!


Hopefully the whole thing…bursting into tears over 90 days…lol. She would totally be someones bitch it would be great.

She’s not popular anymore so she might serve her full sentence.

I say no more than a month behind bars…

Lo-Han mixtape coming soon…“Confessions of a coked up redhead”.

she will do most of it, but not all of it. Shitty guess, but whatever. Celebs are hard to deal with, just look at Paris Hilton’s ‘jail sentence’

man, when the judge was like “30 days” her face was pissed…then the next “30 days” came out, and her soul was crushed

She can spend 90 days at my house.
She may be all beat up now, but I’d still tap.

Nice double post.
Broken ass forums…

I’d give her an over and an under

2 weeks and she will buy her way out.

She’s only getting jail time for being an unreliable cunt all of the other times she’s been in trouble.

I bet she is a power-tripping bitch in person… Lindsaycentric… The universe revolves around her.

See the thing is, I don’t really care how much time she does in jail. I just want to watch her sex videos and drug binges.

shell prolly get a few weeks then be released into house arrest program.