Lindsey Graham on Blast by Ron Paul (NDAA)


Why are you trying to conspiracy theory Ron Paul?

Of course he gives a fuck about what he says, because what he says is what he believes. What I meant is that he says what he believes without giving a fuck.

But when the shit you believe is that you can run for president on a platform that says that you want to get rid of social security, medicare, and medicade (don’t care what his actual ideas are, since this is how the media will spin it to the masses) what kind of secret plans do you think he is scheming?


I want to note the very obvious right now: carefully cultivating an image is not the same thing as scheming a secret plan.

But if you want to get into the subject of conspiracy theories, he does believe in a few.


Look, I’m not going to debate global warming which I believe anyway (green energy is clearly a scam however) or abortion, they both have been done to death. I believe the problems we’re facing are what gets through partisan agreements
Not buying this ingenious racist and liar argument. He has always been consistent in character and whenever he speaks, there is nothing about the man that question his character outside of newsletters published under his name for which he was not even the editor of. I think the video does well to clear up the idea Ron Paul personally wrote them. That is enough for me, clearly not enough for those who readily throw around charges of racism (like the media, MSNBC in particular)

The insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and the other candidates are just giving more of the same, and expecting a different result
I likeGlen Greenwald’s take on putting what is important into perspective for those of you described as progressive. A vote for Obama means this:


* Yes, I’m willing to continue to have Muslim children slaughtered by covert drones and cluster bombs, and America’s minorities imprisoned by the hundreds of thousands for no good reason, and the CIA able to run rampant with no checks or transparency, and privacy eroded further by the unchecked Surveillance State, and American citizens targeted by the President for assassination with no due process, and whistleblowers threatened with life imprisonment for “espionage,” and the Fed able to dole out trillions to bankers in secret, and a substantially higher risk of war with Iran (fought by the U.S. or by Israel with U.S. support) in exchange for less severe cuts to Social Security, Medicare and other entitlement programs, the preservation of the Education and Energy Departments, more stringent environmental regulations, broader health care coverage, defense of reproductive rights for women, stronger enforcement of civil rights for America’s minorities, a President with no associations with racist views in a newsletter, and a more progressive Supreme Court. *

And with that, agree to disagree


I thought the controversy of Global Warming was over why, not if it exists. Like is it the natural cycle of Earth to heat and cool or is it due to pollution.


There are many factors contributing and affecting climate change. If you acknowledge that energy cannot be created nor destroyed and that the existence of humans alone added multiple processes which contain heat energy as an output, that is proof. There are other factors as well. Pollution can also serve as a barrier decreasing the heat energy from the sun reaching the Earth’s surface. Examples included volcanic eruptions where areas affected by debris suffered drastic falls in temperature. Another example is that if the temperature increases and the arctic melts, said ice will have an affect similar to adding an ice cube to a cold drink. Adding salt will also have an affect on the current, which we rely upon to deliver the warmer water near the equator towards the North East US as an example.

There are a ton of other examples but I’m not experienced in the subject. There are some things that we can’t really control, such as the distance of the Earth from the Sun, various chemical/aging processes the Sun experiences, etc, but there are many processes that humans can control.

Anyway, we don’t really know any of the candidates. When Obama was running, most people thought that he would be against war and wouldn’t have dropped nuclear bombs like the bail outs or NDAA. What do we really know about the current candidates?


The GOP are in a race to the bottom. You’d think with the media accusing RP of being racist and homophobic, he’d be a shoo-in for the right.


My criticism isn’t that I think he wrote them. My concern is that they appeared in a newsletter that he endorsed, which he initially defended, before eventually disowning them and taking responsibility only in the most irrelevant sense.

This in itself is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But people need to realize that there is a very real possibility that A. he actually believes this shit, and B. he is as capable of the same shiftiness and dishonesty as the politicians to whom he is supposedly a refreshing alternative.

It is disheartening when people say “Fuck Obama!” and deride the cult of personality that grew up around him in the 2008 campaign, only turn around and latch onto Ron Paul just as uncritically. Ron Paul is a politician. No matter how great he seems, he deserves the same level of skepticism as any politician.


in a world full of crazy people the one sane person looks insane. Ron Paul is the only sane candidate out there that stands by the Constitution and trying to protect our liberties and get rid of the unlawful income tax. He is also writing a repeal on the NDAA. Google Ron Paul if you haven’t done your research yet. He is one America’s last standing hope for freedom, the idea that this country was founded on.

Ron Paul 2012!


^-- This sounds eerily like a peter-puffing campaign commercial. Do people realize how we’ve been trained to talk about these guys?

And “he’s better than the opposition” isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement. John Kerry was better than his opposition.


Because spineless semps that WANT to vote for him say, “he has no shot,” and therefore vote for the popular choice, or not vote at all–either way, the apathy train keeps on rolling.

I think that enough of the nation has had its fill of big government that Ron Paul has a serious chance.

And listen to what he has said: “I will veto any legislation that does not adhere to the constitution.” Whether he can phase out the Fed Reserve, DOE, IRS, and all the wasteful spending that he wants to cut, if he adheres to that basic principle in doing the job of a President, and goes into his non-interventionalist foreign policy, then he’s already doing 100000* better than Obama or Bush has. A man that says what he means and does what he says will go a long way if people will actually grow a pair and back him. The man has been speaking on the same political platform for 3 decades, and has only deviated that I have seen on one issue: Capital Punishment.

And I don’t care if I get infracted for this, but ANYONE who thinks he could be good for America as a President, yet does not vote for him, is FlameMammoth33-level stupid, who has stuck an enema in their ear to evacuate their brain.


The media accuses every republican front runner of being racist. Jesus Christ could run and then the media would point out that he never healed a black person and then demonize him. The only way you get an exception is if you are black, but then they will just send the white women special forces to take you out.


He’s got veto powers and sometimes that is all you need to stop a congress full of corrupt scumbags.


My point exactly.

The end result is either Congress does nothing for four years, or stop being bought out by lobbyists and actually starts consulting their constituents for what they want to see done in Washington, because they’ll put two and two together and realize that just mediocrity in their jobs and just looking out for their own interests aren’t going to cut it anymore.

Either way, the end result is most likely better than what is taking place now. I’d rather take a complete impasse in Washington over the fact that a President Paul won’t support unconstitutional bills than there being motion in the Capital, and it only causing further degradation of my motherland.

It’s hilarious that the person in politics that seems to have the strongest understanding of the Constitution isn’t even a lawyer or a political science major, but a medical doctor. He’s smarter about politics than people who dedicated their lives to study that field to become politicians.

But I guess that’s how far away American politics have deviated from their intended charge.


ha I don’t think it’s a probably of understanding. I’m sure most politicians know whats in the Constitution and just choose not to follow it, but will happily quote it when it suits them.


I highly fucking doubt that, go ahead and ask cops to see if they know it. Everyone that are public servants should know the Constitution by heart.


well, I meant politicians, not just public employees in general, if that makes a difference


The big names out there know exactly what certain things are to the point of knowing how to break them apart and misuse them. The lower majority just gets manipulated and are of lesser concern. People like Lamar Smith are a danger and it looks like he will get re-elected again unless people wake the **** up.


I actually think the Obama Adminstration is worse than the Bush Administration. So much stupid shit has happened, and you would think he wouldn’t be as bad but he is.


I came into this thread to just to get the slang definition for blast.


Ron Paul isn’t a racist. He’s just against being against racism.