Line art


One day, I hope to see a KOF where the in game sprites are identical in drawing style and resolution to the character select / win portraits we see in 12 or 2002UM. And well animated as well! To me, thats the ultimate goal of 2D game graphics.

(heh, imagine if after a win the camera zooms in and the character seamlessly transitions from ingame win pose to the win portrait!)

However it sounds like some people here prefer the pixel art style, and would rather see the jaggy style of 12 as we see now. How do you imagine future 2d games? Do you want them to stop increasing resolution or something?!


You’d be wrong, most people here complain that the game is too “pixely” and would rather have vector line art akin to BB, just with more frames of animation.

I am one of the very few who prefer the pixels because I’m a sucker for “old school” style, and the added effects just make the game awesome while retaining a familiar nostalgic feel.

Maybe one day we’ll have playable anime (that naruto game on ps3 is pretty close to that concept since the cel shading in the game is very close to actual animation), but for the time being I’m happy with the 2d in this game.


The KOF graphical style is fine as-is. They just need to zoom the fuck out.


bb is not vector art


I think the only way that would be possible is if its done like Muramasa. It would take FOREVER to do in true pixel drawn fashion and at that point it wouldnt really be pixel art. I dont think that should be the goal of 2d pixel art. It looks amazing how it is

Also, as long as non 3d game images are rasterized (made using a bitmap, pixels), it would be impossible to zoom in and not lose quality. Thats the nature of pixels. the only way that it would be possible to zoom and not lose quality is if someone found a way to use true vectors in a video game. No matter how much you zoom into a vector image, it NEVER looses quality. However, that would look hideous for a kof style sprite because its very difficult nay impossible to make realistic blending with only razor sharp edges. (its the same reason the sprites you ran through that hq2x filter looked terribly blended and lost the realism they had. which is why i dont care for them personally lol)

now blazblue, thats a different story. since blazblue has a cel shaded style, if blazblue was made using the original vector images instead of rasterizing them like they did, it would pretty much have the look of highest resolution anime, and no matter how big the tv was you played the game on, the sprites would look just as crisp. now that would be kinda cool i must admit. imagine playing THAT on a huge 72 inch hdtv.


no its not but from what ive heard the original sprites were made with vectors and then rasterized.


Vector vs. Raster is unimportant for video games if the graphics were rendered at the proper resolution to be smooth on the screen.


but it is an issue when zooming in and out like the OP discussed.

wait… i guess if the sprites were made to be a high enough resolution so that at the closest point of the zoom, they still appear smooth then that would also work. you were right masterkojiro. my bad lol :slight_smile:

since tvs seem to be getting bigger and higher resolution all the time, (as well as people complaining about the lack of true hd games) a cell shaded 2d fighter made with vectors would be really awesome, but wouldnt really work for KOF’s style. that was all i was really trying to say lol.


And designs that aren’t retarded. And better shading.

BB’s still a decent game, but… yeah, the designs in Fighter’s History are better than those.

BB doesn’t have vector art, by the way. They’re pixel art, just like KOF XII. They’re just 720p, while KOF XII is 480p (higher than SF3, same as GGXX).


Just give me an option to turn off the extreme zoom-ins and I’ll be fine. I don’t mind the pixelly look, but I don’t see how including more options to help cater to everybody could possibly be a bad thing.


they need to smooth jaggies out while still keeping the sharpness…what they have now wont get casuals to buy the game among a horde other issues.

also bb does not use pixels.



Thanks for playing


Actually BB sprites are 450 pixels tall approx and KOF12 are 250 pixels tall Approx.

For example, Ash standing sprite is 88x234, meanwhile Jin Kizaragi (sp) standing sprite is 252x393.

So technically KOF sprites are 240p and BB sprites are 480p, well or something like that. =P


Yes, I got my wording wrong…i meant in the traditional sense of heavy purposeful pixelation.

Why are you so aggressive?

Everytime someone comes to this part of the forum you guys are always attacking others, its fine if you like the game, but seriously stop that; you wont solve this games problems that way.


didn’t mean to step on your feelings or anything dude, I just calls it like I sees it


Athena looks like a RealDoll in HD, its scary >>


im so glad i wasnt the only one who thought athena looked weird!


i think the pixel style of 12 is amazing because of how many colour toens they have gotten in there.

if it could look as fluid and ranged as in kof12 but as clean,clear and hd as BB then it would be perfect.


I think something that people are overlooking are things such as environmental lighting on a 2D fighter. The lighting / self-shading effects on the characters are just amazing. I think where they kinda shot themselves in the foot is the up-scaling illustrated in the picture above.


game looks great, but would have looked far better ofcourse if it had used full HD, lineart.