Lines in HD PC Monitor Vertically HELP!

I have the EVO monitor and the AcerH246H monitor I think it is I bought last night.

They all work great with PS3. When I connect laptop through VGA to these monitors and put 1080p I get a smal transparent lines that goes from top to bottom of the screen and its noticeable when watching from pretty close or when I see it from a angle.

Im using 6 ft vga cables and It happens on both monitors.

I looks like the lines when you record with a camera on an arcade cabinet.

Anyone know what causes this?


Might be caused by the low quality of the VGA cable. I use them a lot also to split video from one console to dual monitor setup + projector on tourneys and image deterioration is very visible with some low quality cables, especially on higher resolutions.

i always have to auto correct my lcd with this page