Lines through screen of arcade machine


Hey guys, I’ve got an XMen vs Street Fighter arcade machine that works great except after an hour or two of being powered on it gets lines through the screen. I don’t know much about arcade repair other than buttons and sticks and switches. Anybody know what the problem/solution is for this? I did a search for lines through screen, but came up with no help. =(



It might a dying crt, as I’ve seen similar symptoms on PC monitors. Maybe a little degaussing can help? I’m not even sure if arcade monitors have this easily accessible like it is on PC monitors.


There are degaussing wands you can buy, they are not cheap but they work on all CRT screens including TVs PC and Arcade Monitors


you dont need a degaussing wand, thats to get rid of issues like a colored corner

you need a cap kit, there cap and they involve removing the monitor, discharging it and replacing the caps on the chassis with solder. DO NOT TRY THIS without reading up on it and DO NOT go poking around in the monitor. it has a LOT of voltage and enough to kill you. has the cap kits pending the monitor model, you need to find out what chassis/monitor you have

Actually now that I think about it, are you getting jail bars (about an inch thick and about an inch apart, kinda faded) This is a cap kit

or are you getting thin lines with spacing being like a cm apart??? This could just be the brightness on the flyback is up to high


I’m not sure it’s the monitor, as the lines don’t go through the sprites, only the background.


can you get a picture? it might be hard cause taking a pic of a screen usually is