Ling beats Christy

Ling shows who’s the strongest and best looking.


Silly fighting games. My paint program is weak. The original drawing is in the sketches thread.

I always like your work, but coloring doesn’t appear to be your strong point. Next time you draw something, consider sending it over to me for some Photoshoppery.

Nice job, I like it.

Thanks. I always save a copy of the B &W art. I don’t have Photoshop, so I can only use the weak paint program that comes w/the Lexmark X75 for the PC.

Where should I send it to? I have Yahoo for e-mail. Here’s the B&W art…

So how’s about that, then? It’s kind of fuzzy and dark because it would take forever to clean up my messy, fast work.

Wow. Awesome. Great lighting. Thanks! A good team. 'Want me to send a few more? Wish we could make a few $ off this art-
split it 50/50 or something-:slight_smile:

Jett- i like that piece of work- something about it gets me going. maybe its seeing two gals fighting.

Very nice Vega X- i love that colour…I dont have a colouring program myself.photoshop is the best one if your starting off?

Jettmatas - yeah, send some over and I’ll give them the works.

Gunstar - glad you like it. Photshop is excellent, Paint Shop Pro does most of the same things for 1/10 of the price, and also Painter is very good as well. Any of the three should do fine.