Ling Xiaoyu Combo Thread



Combo Thread for Xiaoyu. I’m going to make a list of combo parts that keep popping up in most combos so as to save time. It’ll also help people practice which parts standalone.

Note, timing may vary on some of these combo parts depending on the context.
(L/M/H/EX)PT: :d: :p::p::p:,:qcf: :k:
(EX)TFP: :p:, :p: ( :d: )
(EX)WC: :d: :3p: , :p:
(EX)FC3: :qcf:( :hp:/:2p:),:p:,:p:
SA: :qcb: :3p:
L1: :lp:, :d: :hp:

0 Meter
:mp: xx WC, :mk:, :lp:, :mp: xx :qcf: :lp: [280]

:hp: xx WC, :mp:, HPT [313]
j.:hp:, cl.:hp: xx :qcf::hp: > :k:,:k:,:k: [382]
j.:hp:, cl.:hp: xx :b::3k: >TFP > :p: > xx HPT [402]
j.:hp:, cl.:hp: xx :b::3k: >TFP > :p: > cl.:mk: > :d: :hp: xx HPT [423]

j.:hk:, cl.:mp: xx WC > cl.:mk: > cr.:hp: xx HPT [317]

(Anti-Air):d::hk::db::b::hp::f::f::d::hk::df::f::hp::b::b::d::hp:,HPT [357]

:f::mk:, :d::hk:,** HPT**- [260]
:f::mk:, cl.:mk:, :d::hp: ,HPT [287]
:f::mk:, :qcb::mp: , :d::hp: ,HPT [322]
:f::mk::d::db::b::mp::d::hk::db::b::hp::f::f::d::hp:, HPT [375]
:f::mk:, :d::db::b::hp:, :d::db::b::mp:, :d::hp:, HPT [383]
:f::mk:, :d::db::b::mp:,:d::hk:, :db::b::hp:(charge) :f::f:, :d::hk::db::b::hp: (Charge) :f::f:, :d::hp:, HPT [414]

WC , :mk:, :lp:, :mp: xx :qcf::lp: - [250]

1 Meter
j.:hp: > :mp:xx:hp: xx EXFC3 [Wallbounce] > cl.:mk: > :d: :hp: xx HPT [379]

:f::mk:, :d::hk:,EXPT - [330]

:b::3k: ,:2p:, :hp:, :mk:, :lp:, :mp: xx :qcf::lp: - [342]

2 Meter
j.:hp:, cl.:hp: xx :b: :3k:, TFP, :p:, SA - [507]
j.:hp: , cl.:hp: , :qcf::hp:, :lk: , Super Art

3 Meter
j.:hp:, cl.:hp: xx :b: :3k:, EXTFP , :p:, SA - [540]
j.:hp: , cl.:hp: , :qcf::hp:, :k: , Cross Art


Post Launcher Combos

0 Meter

1 Meter

2 Meter

3 Meter


Post Tag Combos

0 Meter

1 Meter

2 Meter

3 Meter


Hoping for some good stuff to get posted today. This character is a bit technical


Well, here’s a simple damaging combo I got today to get this started:

j.:hp:, cl.:hp: xx :b: :3k:, :p: :p: then hold down to go into Phoenix stance, :p:, wait a moment and then :qcb: :3p:. Does 507 damage, around 540 if you do the EX version of the Rain Dance punches - not to mention the combo is a lot easier.


Good God, Ok, I’m adding this into the OPs.


Oh yeah, forgot to add, you can also use her Cross Art on the non-EX variation for around 580~600 damage depending on who’s your partner.


I use :f::mk:, :d::hk:,:d::3p: (pause), :qcf::hk: a lot. Does 260 damage with 3 hits (save dat damage percentage) and you can tag out on the second hit for very high follow up damage if you’ve got the right characters.

I end up doing ~470 damage with 1 meter with this combo, the startup from overhead gets everyone. I use ibuki and a combo of hers loops directly into this combo through tag too, its pretty sweet.

You can also start it up with :qcf::2k: for 330 damage (1 meter), good for punishing zoning characters.

If I clip someone with :d::3p::hp: I usually follow up with :mk:, :lp:, :mp: xx :qcf::lp:. Does 250 damage, no meter.

Since RD:2p: has armor on it I use it to get in when someone is being cheeky… isn’t a half bad antiair either. RD:2p:, :hp:, :mk:, :lp:, :mp: xx :qcf::lp: does 342


That is a nice combo, I can’t seem to get anything higher than around 540 using this basic layout.

A couple alterations you can do include using Fortune Cookie, non-EX instead of the RD cancel, and that does 508…so if you want that extra point of damage lol, use that one, but the timing is a bit stricter, so I would say the one you posted originally is safer xP

Another mention is that her far :mk: can link into :mp: which can be cancelled into Fortune Cookie to start the combo again which gives her a ground options that isn’t up close.

Also, if you have no meter to spend, after the :p: in AOP, you can just do :d::3p::df::f::lk: which does her Phoenix Talon and that does 372. Sadly, it only works in the corner.

If you are not in the corner, you can do j.:hp:, cl.:lp:,:mp:,:hp: xx EX Fortune Cookie (makes them wall bounce), and then jump up right after they hit the wall and do j.:hk: which should do 2 hits, as soon as you hit the ground do :mk: which should reach them if you do not walk back at all, and then :hp:. That combo does 338 with one meter and it looks really cool with a wall bounce xP


You can do crouching LP LP MK diagonal down cancel into tripple kick stance into punch. This looks like her bread and butter and connects more reliably than MK cancel to Hadouken motion since that thing seems to wiff a lot from certain distances. The thing about this combo is if you play online the lag eats up the input and becomes very unreliable =p

I’ve been using her for a while now and I am not sure what to use as a primary footsie tool. Standing MP has good distance but its a bit slower than most normals in the game. Anyone find anything thats really effective? Right now I have been mostly using very close c LP, s MP hit confirm into whatever cancel.

Xiaoyu is definitely a strange character to use. Kinda bad normal moves with only decent damage for such high execution. Post if you find stuff! As of now I think she lacks good ground game combos that lead into decent damage.


I can’t find a good way to use her normals / start combos either. I play her very defensively and use her long pokes to punish dumb stuff people do that they think is safe due to pushback. I’m going to need to see her frame data to figure out how to play her properly.


Xiaoyu sadly does not have good normals, and if I were you, I would not rely on pokes or footsies to start combos. Once she is in, she can get big damage, but getting in for her is the difficult part. If I were you, I’d pair her up with someone who can tag cancel her in to do her specials. Also, Xiaoyu has a very good ground game, I would think she is one of the better Tekken cast that has a ground game. As seen by the combos people have posted here, with meter, she can do around 550, without meter who can still do close to 400.

As for if you had no options and you had to resort to footsies, I would do her :mk: because that gets her in faster and link into :mp:, or I would do her far :hp:, it does not start combos, but it can stop other footsies if she does it before they throw theirs out. Many people online I have versed, believe that as soon as she is done with the animation, the hitbox disappears, however with Xiaoyu’s far :hp:, it remains only a while after, and this can stuff fast pokes, which are oh so important to SFxT.


I do suppose standing MK does work. Is the MK positive on block? The reason its not going to be great if not is because Xiaoyu does not have many lows. Once people figure this out people are going to stay at footsie range and block high. This seems to be her greatest weakness. She has a very bad sweep and c MK is unsafe on block and doesn’t apply much pressure even when canceled.


I’m not 100% sure if it is safe on block, I’ll wait until the guide comes out tomorrow and frame data goes up everywhere to see that since I don’t have anything to compare it too. However, her cr. normals are terrible, especially her cr.:hk: because in the end, that move doesn’t do well as an anti-air, has limited range, and there are many better options out there to extend combos. Once again, she will have to be tagged in to get most of her damaging combos out.


I just tested things out by using Ryu’s reversal DP. It seems both MK and MP are safe on block. The only special that seems to be safe on block is Wave Crest. In other words, when you do these combos make sure you hit confirm off these 2 moves only ^.^

As for her partner, what partner are you using to get damaging combos off? Only partners that seem viable are ones with really long duration moves like Vegas roll or Laws punch specials. The thing is if i use any of these characters I am probably better off using another character since they have more flexibility than just being side characters.


Okay so I found something that can be really reliable. Standing :mp: cancel into :d: :lp: :mp: :hp: into :p: . Safe on block and lands from all distances. Also causes a juggle state which means you can go for extra damage or straight into super if you wanted. This might be her best tool from mid range since she lacks other good normal moves :slight_smile:

Standing :mp: cancel into :d: :lp: :mp: :hp: into :p: juggle into :mp: cancel into :d: :df: :f: :lp:
241 damage
Easy and reliable bnb


:mp: xx :d: :lp: :mp: :hp:, :p:, :mk:, :lp:, :mp: xx :qcf: :lp: for 280.


Nice find. I assume you can do :mk: before the first :mp: as well for a little more damage. 280 for a mid screen poke is good damage :slight_smile: I do think adding :mk: is a risk though because it feels slower than just a :mp: .


So okay, I think I figured it out. You kind of have to reverse hit confirm… let me explain.

You get in with whatever, MP, etc, whatever, and you cancel into fortune cookie ( :qcf::hp:).** If you confirm a block**, you hit :p: again and keep going, if they aren’t blocking you link it into the rest of the combo (pause, :p:, :p:, :d:, :p:, :mk:, :lp:, :mp: xx :qcf: :lp:.

So say you jump in crossup with :lk: and hit first with :mp:, cancel after the second hit into fortune cookie, that’ll put you at 322 damage if its confirmed. If you jump in with :hp: and hit first with :hp: you’ll end up at 396.

This damage is still garbage for a HP jump in combo though, I’m pretty sure we can do better.


The question is how safe is fortune cookie level 1 ? Is she on negative or is she positive? Even a slight negative puts her at a massive disadvantage in my opinion.