Ling Xiaoyu - Pixel Art

Not sure if Tekken stuff is allowed here, but umm…

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Constructive criticism is more than welcome. Especially my shading. I know it just doesn’t look quite right, but I’m not sure what needs to change. Any help would be awesome.

Tekken stuff is fine – as long as it’s your own artwork on the thing. So this thread is more than ok :slight_smile:

I’m no sprite artist – ppl like Shade or woof might be able to give you more input on how to improve.

But off the top of my head you I think you need greater contrast between your midtones and shadows. The sprite is looking rather flat on my screen because the outlines and patterns stand out a lot more than any shading that’s been done on the character.

Yes, it is my artwork. All I used outside of it was a few reference screens to get colors and assure that the stance was as good as it could be, and a few Third Strike sprites to get an understanding on the light source and shading techniques used.

Anyway, is this better?

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