Link encyclopedia

can anyone tell me all the links in 3S??
chun =, b+HP…
ken =, b+mk…

i thought was a cancel?

I think the Cr.Stg can be a 2-in-1…

off the top of my head…


  1. c. strong punch
  2. far s. strong punch
  3. back + forward kick

those 3 are his main links. others such as UOH into super or close/far standing fierce into super require certain conditions.


  1. close s. forward kick
  2. close s. strong (with SA2)
  3. c. strong
  4. towards + fierce
  5. towards + strong (must be a “meaty” attack)


  1. short, forward chain
  2. short, forward, strong chain
  3. standing forward
  4. towards + forward
  5. c. strong
  6. s. roundhouse (with SA2)
  7. towards + roundhouse (SA1 & SA3)

Dudley can also “link” from a UOH, but like the other characters who can do so, it either has to be a “meaty” attack, or properly spaced.


  1. s. strong
  2. c. forward
  3. towards + strong
  4. s. roundhouse (crouching only, i think)

question. when you do s. jab, s. short -> jab hayate, is the s. jab into s. short considered a link?


  1. s. strong
  2. c. strong

i’ve seen a vid where Yun crosses Akuma up with a dive kick, then does s. strong -> c. forward -> EX shoulder. is that s. strong -> c. forward do-able on anyone?


  1. s. strong

that’s all i know for him :lame:

ok ok. that’s about it for me. i don’t really use anyone else, hehe.

edit: i don’t use Yun either, but i see lots of Yuns.


  1. s.strong
  2. s.forward
  3. c.fierce (with ex SAI, or as a reset)

Also, s.short>s.forward. But I think you only want moves that can be cancelled right?

Doesn’t that one only work on a crouching opponent?

Download Mopreme’s, what was it called again? Ah yes, “Mopreme’s Link Encyclopedia”.

N - Might help.


yeah, Ken’s back + forward kick link is crouching only. you can also link Ken’s towards + roundhouse. good luck landing that one in a match though :lol:

Links into supers are cheap

Normals are cheap.

thnx guys…
how bout elena?

question 'bout ryu?
does the st. strong link requires a very strict timing?