Link help?



so whats the best way to link the 3 standing jabs to cr. sweep. I know its a 1frame link, and i am having major problems with this. Any tips on timing, technique, etc.


AFAIK most people plink CR from CMK (CForward) so that’d be FSJab FSJab FSJab (CMK>CR).

Me, personally, I’ve not even tried plinking and do it manually - Granted, even with a rythm, I don’t have an optimal success rate but lately I’ve been getting it pretty decently for a casual player - At worst I get a FSRH instead of CR which, to be honest, is perfectly fine for me as I often just want the damage off of a FSJab without Charge though obviously getting a UTKD from it would be a plus.


Triple plink. Jabxjabxjabxjabx (rh+fw+sh). Also it might not come out due to spacing. 4 jabs is easier


Try this combo:,, cr.lp, st.lp,

The rhythm is pretty nice and the last st.lp is at max distance.

If you single plink the output should look like this in training mode:
:mk:, :hk:

If you Triple plink the output should look like this in training mode:
:lk:, :mk:, :hk:

There’s no way to get around the timing, so you’ll have to plink around the right timing, but you have more chances to hit the link. if you’re having trouble with getting the input to look EXACTLY like that, try tapping the buttons at the same time, but slightly staggered.


yea plinking is best


so triple plink is just all three buttons in short order? Havent done a triple one looks like ill have to try!!!
Also whats the timing on the cr.lp—>cr. mp?
once again thanks for input


its called training mode


Plinking definitely helps for this link. Two things you should keep in mind are:

First, Link your jabs, don’t chain them. Meaning, don’t mash out your 3x jabs before trying to sweep.
Second, if you’ve mastered the rhythm for plinking and your still haven’t trouble getting Constancy, I found that hitting the plink sooner than your failed attempts is better than hitting the plink later.

Some might not agree with me, but this is how I got this link down. I hit it nearly every time.


any links from jab are near immediate, i think the happens earlier than the but the difference in startup is only 1f. Doing ru loops with cr.lp, st.lp, may have some insight into the link, but there’s no way to get around timing. IF you want to practice the plinks, do maybe two reps starting with, so: xx, cr.lp, xx, cr.lp, xx, cr.lp, st.lp,

and,, xx, cr.lp,, xx, cr.lp, xx, cr.lp, st.lp,

Those may help. But definitely put some hours into training mode and get a character that’s easy to combo on like Honda or Akuma.