Link or combo from crouching hard punch?

Preface: I’m a VERY casual PC player. I possess the basic skills but nothing too advanced.

That being said I’m looking for some advice.

When people jump in to sakura, her crouching hard punch kicks butt as anti air and it sends them flying back towards where the came from. Sometimes people will jump a second and even third time right after that with the same results, I love it.

Anyway, I feel like there is more I could be doing with this, but using a training mode with a recording that jumps at me and then just blocks I can’t seem to figure out anything that I can link to from the move everything (except throw of course) is met with blocks. I can’t catch the the dude in the air or anything fun like that.

Any advice on improving this? Is there a better anti-air move that is easier to link into?

Also, a question related to links, combos or juggles. Does it ever matter who is receiving the hits? For example: Moves XYZ can juggle Zangief because he’s huge but it doesn’t work well on Cammy because she’s tiny.

There is nothing else you can do after an AA c.HP, the move “resets” the opponent allowing them to land on their feet and until that happens they can’t be touched. Once they’ve landed they can block anything you throw at them or throw at a reversal SRK (hello mashers).

The only possible way of getting more hits out of an AA is using Light Shou to Medium or Heavy Shou links (depending on how high up you hit them) but that’s a completely different situation to using c.HP.

Other good AA options are j.MP, j.LK and v.j.MK but they all require a bit more foresight than c.HP.

I don’t really know any juggles that don’t seem to work or don’t work as well on certain characters, hit box issues are usually related to grounded combos.

Thank you for the information about resetting. That’s good to know not to bother trying to find a combo.

This is probably going to demonstrate my noobery, but what does v.j.MK mean? I understood the rest of the statement.

Is there a thread or a decoder ring I can send away for to understand some of these threads? I understand c. j. LMHPK I even understand fadc but I see some others that don’t make sense to me. I swear I just read a post with something like s. or f. or something.

s. would be standing,
f. would be far, like sakrua’s far standing fierce is different from her close standing fierce

Guessing at what sugami means by is Vertical/Neutral jump Medium kick… because I believe it to be a decent AA option, so the context fits :rofl:

Yeah, also AA - Anti Air :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure but I think I may have made up v.j. for Vertical Jump as I got fed up with having to type neutral/vertical every time hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Also f+ - forward and (usually for over-heads, e.g. Sakura’s f+MK is her over-head “flower kick”?), which is why I prefer to just say “far” if it’s important as to not confuse it with this :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you both for the helpful info.

I think v.j. is a fine abbreviation now that I know what it means and now it makes complete sense.

s. didn’t occur to me since standing seems to be the default unless otherwise specified, but I can see cases where you may need to be explicit, so that makes sense now.

most people use the abbreviation nj for neutral jump.

They do? Can’t say I’ve seen it before :stuck_out_tongue: