link question

ok so i’m not sure if this has ever been address but i’ve notice a corresponense between abels one frame link (f+mk dash, cl.fp) to the flash that goes across the other plays life bar when they are hit. it seems that if i time it in time with when the flash reaches the chars pic the link lands pretty much everytime. wondering what the deal is with this and if anyone could shed some light on the situation.

English, do you speak it?

Been discussed before. Some believe it works as an aid when doing tight links. I believe it’s the placebo effect.

sorry about that, i was trying to type while dealing with a whinny 4 year old.

anyways, i’ve been playing with rufus a bit and it seems to be helping. i guess it works for some and not for others.

Hasn’t it been established that the red streak has a fixed frame amount, thus making it useless as a way to time links?

Yes it has.

It doesn’t work for Abel’s link anyway, only way is to learn the timing, or apparently when the smoke/dust starts to dissipate.

Yeah, there are two ways: precise muscle memory of the timing, or visual effects on the models animation. ex : Viper to, I maintain :d: when hitting, and as soon as Viper starts to move downward, I hit mp.