Link timing Helper. Metronome practice
Put it on 720 Beats per minute. then Each “note” you put on the bar is exact timing with 60fps frame data.

I did the math and started playing with a high speed metronome.
60 Frames per second is the standard Frames Data for SF4 of course.
60 beats per minute (bpm) on a metronome is very common.

Working with a common start up of 5 frame moves, I calculated that you can do that move exactly 12 times in a 60 second window. So I pumped the Beats per minute up times twelve (60bmp x 12)

which gave me 720 beats per minute.
Which is exact timing as 60 frames per second would be. (60 fps = 720 bpm)
I found a metronome that let me insert sound effects on every beat.
So I inserted Silence x 4 then a drum kick on the fifth beat and repeated that pattern a few times.
you can add a bit of extra silence before and after, if you want the single repetition of “tick and tock” to stand out a bit, but I found that just listening to the repetition drilled it in well.

So I could hear the exact Tick Tock of a 5 frame gap. The exact timing needed to do 1 frame links with no plinking.

I got my 1 frame link skill up to 80-90 percent in 10 minutes worth of practice, with out plinking. X_x.
With plinking, its even better.

Of course, now the job is to drill this into my head.
I struggled with Plinking for a long time. I could pull off plinking in training mode 80 percent of the time, but once I started trying to apply it in online matches, it went out the window.
hearing nothing else except for the Tick Tock with perfect timing Drills it into my head, so I can work on perfecting that. Then plinking will make it even easier.
Put it on 720 Beats per minute. then Each “note” you put on the bar is exact timing with frame data.

During the first 10 minutes, it didn’t seem to work so perfectly. the problem is, pressing the button at the exact moment your mind thinks “tick” and “tock”. its easy to think “tick and tock” the tricky part is making the input perfect. so stick with it, dont start pressing your buttons the moment you open up the metronome.
Listen to the Tick Tock beat for a bit, get it down well, then use that with the flow of your mind and hand. if your hand isn’t perfect, it wont work, get that down also.

This is with a 5 frame pattern.
If you are working with a combo that has a 4 or 6 frame gap, just Plug in 3 silence and then the beat on the fourth, or 5 silence and the beat on the 6th. then work with that pattern.

How many of the Recovery frames are skipped when Chaining light attacks?
Start ups are different for different characters, the first start up isnt important anyhow.
So More specifically, on which frame the second attack of a chained light attack would happen?
I would imagine the second chained light attack would happen four frames after the first light attack?

Does Ryu chain light attacks on every third frame? with a three frame start up. I am not sure how many of the recovery frames are ignored when chaining.

How does this work? are recoveries 100% removed on chained light attacks? or only partially?