Link to the neo deadly wave

ok im i been playing k groove geese for 2 months and i got him down but im having trouble with this link i seen it in a jap vid the guy used c groove geese and he went Crouch lp lp mk xxx neo deadly wave for some reason i cant get that to work i can do the c mk to xxx neo deadly wave but only off a run is ther a trick to this combo cuz i do c lp lp mk and nothing comes out thanks to whoever tries and help me out

start the hcb motion after the 2nd jab and hit fk at the down position (keep fk pressed down) and complete the motion for the deadly rave. other than that it’s just a matter of practice, so good luck!

thanks alot man i been praticng it and its getting there :lol: i love this site

I believe you can do x2, xx DR. On some big characters you can do x2, c.fp xx DR.

since everyone is saying different things try this lp lp mp super. the mp has mad lag on it so you should have enough time to do mp pause for a lil to build up suspense super

c.lp,c.lp,s.lkXXdeadly rave… :smiley:

Try this: cross up,, s.fp, Deadly Rave…

And yeah you can get,, c.fp , Deadly Rave on characters
like blanka. (score…:stuck_out_tongue:

then after the 9th hit of the deadly rave you can cancel into
s.lkx2, MK jai-eh-ken…