Link to the Top 8 EVO SSF4 AE matches?

Could I possibly have a link to all the top 8 matches that were streamed, without any spoilers please?

Much appreciated.

Super Street Fighter IV: AE (EVO 2011 Grand Finals)**

For more Top 8 EVO footage, search for a channel named Holoquist.

Thank you. I just did, and it looks well organized by numbers. I’ll try to not look at the names in the titles and just play them in sequence. I’m not sure if you embedded that video manually or wrote the title manually though, but I would have appreciated if it just said Grand Finals, and then a link to the vid, because I didn’t know who made it to the finals, hence why I asked for no spoilers. But what’s done is done.


This is the whole AE finals in one video.

For those who don’t want to be spoiled

losers :

  1. tokido vs flash metroid :
  2. kindevu vs wolfkrone :

winners :
3. daigo vs poon :
4. fuudo vs latif :

Losers quarter:
5 :
6 :

Losers semi
Winners final
7 :

Losers final
9 :
Grand final :
10 :

Excellent, exactly like that shunsuke.
I was at work by the time the top 8 was streamed, so unfortunately I couldn’t catch them live. And I’m sure a lot of other people weren’t able to either, so that is very helpful as it is a lot more exciting when you don’t know who’s going to win.
And 5star, if you would be so kind, could you maybe edit the post to not include the names of the grand final players, and just post a link instead of embedding the video? It would be helpful to other people who still haven’t watched the finals.

I just finished watching all of them, and I tried my best to avoid any more spoilers other than the one posted above. So aside from the losers final, I had no clue who would win. And I enjoyed these matches a lot. Especially a certain one that I won’t mention here. But wow… amazing EVO top 8 this year. I will definitely try to go to see it all in person next year.

And farplaner, thanks a lot for that. I was looking for a full version too to see all the discussion in between the matches, which was mostly cut out in the videos I watched. Gonna watch it now. =p