Link Training



Hey all. I wanted to share with you something that I’ve been doing for a while now. To try and make my links as crispy as I can, when playing as Rose I would practice the timing of the link only. To do this, I would forget all double tapping, all plinking, all shortcuts. I would just do “tap tap tap tap tap special”. (Roses c.lp, c.lp,, xx ex.spiral). Needless to say it really helped me out and I actually wouldn’t need the plink. I used it as a safety net.

And this is what plinking and double tapping should be. It should be a safety net. Nerves getting to you? Didn’t think that attack would hit? Etc etc. It was to pick you up when you might have dropped it. But the rhythm is the most important. This is what we’re here to practice.

So to do so, lets just take a few of Juri’s links and do them 40 times. Practice one at a time. Your goal is to do them 20 out of 40 times WITHOUT plinks or double taps. Just straight timing. If you cannot do this, then you should continue to practice it. Once you can hit it half of the time you try it, now its time to practice the plink. Its important to try the combo in full as you develop muscle memory for that combo. You dont want to learn just the link, rather the whole combo.

Here are some common links you should know and use > xx hk pinwheel, > xx hk pinwheel, > xx hk pinwheel, s.lp> xx hk pinwheel,, s.lp > xx hk Pinwheel, s.lp > c.hp xx hk pinwheel (Needs a large hitbox like abel)
s.lp > c.hp xx hk pinwheel (I know i stated this one above but this has a different use, used for jump ins)
l.sempusha xx Fadc >, s.lp > xx Hk pinwheel
l.fuhajin xx fadc > c.hp xx hk pinwheel

Sekku > (combo)
Sekku > (combo)
Sekku > c.lp
Sekku >

Just start those off and see how you do. No plinks, no double taps. Straight timing. Post your results on the bottom and share with others. This will be a good way to encourage each other in our training.

Practice links with 97BPM songs
#2 > mp xx hk pinwheel : 30/40, > xx hk pinwheel: 24/40, > xx hk pinwheel : 28/40, s.lp> xx hk pinwheel : 37/40,, s.lp > xx hk Pinwheel : 32/40


These are the ones I tried no plinking: > mp xx hk pinwheel: 24/40, > xx hk pinwheel: 14/40, > xx hk pinwheel: 18/40, s.lp > xx hk pinwheel: 32/40,, s.lp > xx hk pinwheel: 25/40

Sekku >,, xx lk. fuhajin store: 4/40o_O
Sekku>,, xx lk. fuhajin store: 5/40>:(
Sekku > c.lp,,, xx lk. fuhajin store: 34/40
Sekku >,,, xx lk. fuhajin store: 26/40


im playing on pad and i can say 90% of the time i was missing my links
the results are so bad i dont even wanna post them.


Well. Now you know that your sword needs sharpening. You’re trying to Wield a dull blade. The whole point is to quantify your improvement.

I was where you are. I saw links as an impossibility. Keep at it. Can you hit her bnb,, xx mk pinwheel consistently? More than 35/40? If your results were that bad yhen you should work on that one first to get a feel for her lk’s and the recovery on them. Once you get that the links should be a bit easier.


In this link, you know you can remove the s.lp, and do just close lk > close mp xx hk pinwheel
There’s less damage reduce ^^


Doesn’t the comma mean you do either a OR a s.lp? Or do I not know how to read these combos? :confused:


I mean:
l.senpusha Fadc > > xx Hk pinwheel

the comma mean a chain combo, like, > xx senpusha mk/ex
(the last must be a link to have the possibiliy to special cancel into senpusha ^^)


I never plink or anything anyway (I haven’t added it to my stick game yet), but here are the results: > xx hk pinwheel : 10/40 (ouch, it wasn’t the lk > mp that was failing, it was the st. mp into hk pinwheel that was failing), > xx hk pinwheel: 19/40, > xx hk pinwheel : 29/40, s.lp> xx hk pinwheel : 36/40 (the four I messed up on were negative edge counters lol),, s.lp > xx hk Pinwheel : 29/40


Kail! This is some good shit! All juris need to practice this stuff! It’s advance but it teaches you execution and timing! I could use some of this training myself. Nothing irks me more than drop combos and these exercising will help anyone who has trouble linking! Again Kail, kudos!


Thank you Kail, thanks to you I just realized how scrubby my execution really is. :frowning: > xx hk pinwheel : 29/40 easier than I thought., > xx hk pinwheel: 15/40 This is not normal., > xx hk pinwheel : 10/40 lol., s.lp> xx hk pinwheel : 34/40 this one is pretty easy.,, s.lp > xx hk Pinwheel : 20/40 I didn’t even know this link was possible. I dropped it a lot at first but when I got the timing down it was easy to do., s.lp > c.hp xx hk pinwheel: 20/40
l.senpusha xx fadc >, s.lp > xx hk pinwheel: 10/40 I’m starting to feel this one though.
l.fuhajin xx fadc > c.hp xx hk pinwheel:33/40

I can only get better I guess.


Sekku >,, xx lk. fuhajin store: 35/40
Sekku>,, xx lk. fuhajin store: 37/40
Sekku > c.lp,,, xx lk. fuhajin store: 35/40
Sekku >,,, xx lk. fuhajin store: 36/40

At least I got that down. :slight_smile:

Bonus: xx lk fuhajin release xx fadc > ultra 2: 30/40 Seems a lot easier to do in AE for some reason. I remember I couldn’t even pull this 3 times in a row in Super but now I seem to be able to do it pretty consistently.

I’ll try again some other time. But this is great practice. Nice thread!


The fadc ultra… What about on your weaker side?


lol I play on a shitty controller pad and the left button is busted. I often drop dumb stuff like dash on my weak side. >:( That’s why I often abuse kasatushi and dive kicks to change sides lmao.

I need to buy a new controller/fight pad.


I dont have SSF4 anymore (right now atleast) but I saw this thread under the recently active (and Juri happens to be my favorite SF :D). What is plinking and how’s it done? I play on pad but I have TE stick that I suck with. I recently got back into SF bc of 3S’s rerelease but I have trouble confirming hits and linking.


Here’s a tutorial on plinking by Vesper Arcade:

#16 > xx hk pinwheel 23/40, > xx hk pinwheel 21/40, > xx hk pinwheel 19/40, s.lp> xx hk pinwheel 30/40

Sekku > (combo) 25/40
Sekku > (combo) 24/40
Sekku > c.lp 30/40
Sekku > 29/40


Isn’t it supposed to be straight links no plinking or double tapping lol.


I wasn’t plinking. I don’t know how plinking is even possible on a d-pad. o_O I’d like to try it out though. If it can turn 1 frame links into 2 frame links it’s definitely worth it. It literally doubles your chances of success.

But like Kail said in OP, you shouldn’t depend on plinking. You need to be able to do these links consistently without it.


But… The whole goal is to eventually use plinking and double taps to make it much better results.


Sorry for discussing this here kail. But vulcan, can you Kara throw on the pad. Right now im using the 360 controller on the 360 and I suck. I can use a stick and ps3 pad. But I’ve taught myself how to plink on pad just to know how. I don’t know if you’ve seen this plinking it should help. It shouldn’t be all that hard if you know how to kara throw.