Link trouble

Ive been practicing my links with Cody all day and just when I think I’ve got a good rhythm down I start fucking up my links and its not going through. The combo link I’m attempting is crouch LP>LP>MP>Criminal Upper. It’s an 8 hit combo and I often fuck up the link either right before the MP or the MP>Criminal Upper itself. Double tapping does help me out when executing the Criminal Upper at the end of the combo but it’s only every other try that it comes out. I should mention that I am just learning stick and Ive only been on it for about a month but its just so frustrating to think that I could pull of this combo effortlessly on a pad by just mashing it out and I can only hit this every other try when practicing my rhythm for 5 hours on a $130 arcade stick! ADVICE?:mad:

It takes time with a stick, you just gotta have patience. I was affected by this even worse considering I got comfortable with a stick but was using a charge character. Then when trying to switch over to a circlemotion character it was pure hell. I’m still having trouble now.

If you’re having problems with that combo break it down. Try lp > lp > mp over and over again. When you can do that fluently (10-20x in a row) then try mp > criminal upper (same applies, 10-20x in a row) and then try and link both together. This helps me out in a lot of combo’s that I get stuck with.

Thanks for the advice Faz I really appreciate it a lot. I guess it’s back to the training mode!

Hah I’ve just been pulling my hair out trying to do Rufus’ BnB, it’s just not gonna happen!
To prevent any further loss of hair I’m off to bed. Good luck with the combo :slight_smile:

There is a sticky thread on execution advice. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Thanks appreciate it a bunch Starcade.