Ok, I never tryed to find out Chun Li’s frame data my self, but according to what I see, Its Possible to Link her Tenshin Shuu Kyaku (Dt.Rdh) to her Yoku Sen Kyaku (T.Rdh) then linking that into her Houyouku-Sen (SA2)

I think Chun’s Dt.Rdh has a +13 frame advantaging hitting a crouching opponent, and the T.Rdh has a 12 frame start up, so it should work… right.

Maybe her Dt.Rdh is a +9/+10/+11 and not a +9/+11/+13 like I think. That would explain why I can only link this when I meaty the Dt.Rdh


Um…I’ma take a wild guess and say I have no clue. Would be interesting to know. Not like anyone really uses her df+HK except once in a blue moon for random mix ups.

I’d think it would. I did it actually Meatying the Dt.Rdh, lol!!!