Linking a shoryuken from normals

Hello guys. I’m excercising with link / combos and hit confirms.
I can comfortably do links such c.lp, c.lp,, hadouken (or tatsumaki) or, c.lp, c.hp, hadouken (or tatsumaki) and many more variants. But I have one, big problem. Instead of terminating the link with a mere hadouken or tatsumaki, I’d like to put a shoryuken, that is the only way to execute a FADC to land a metsu. I have tried and tried but I can’t figure out how to link a shoryuken after these normals chain …
Any advice on how I should move the stick to link a shoryuken?

For example, in the famous Ryu’s link + hadouken, I begin the hadouken sequence while landing the and pressing a punch after the joystick movement has been completed. But with shoryuken? Starting a shoryuken requires a :f: movement, while I’m doing links in the crouch position. So how is possible to link a shoryuken while doing, for example, a

Thank you in advance.

In ssf4 you can cancel certain normals into specials, so what you described for Ryu’s into a hadouken is actually a cancel and not a link. However, you executed it exactly right and the same principle applies to a srk from a As the is landing, perform the srk motion and the will be cancelled into a srk.

It’s just a matter of practice, you’ll get it :tup:

there are some way to simplify the execution, but first let me explain a thing (that you might already know):
you can combo into the srk in two ways, linking into it or cancelling into it.
in order to link into it you have to hit with a normal that leave you at +3 frames of advantage at least (such as the LP or the cr.MP for example) and execute the shoryuken as soon as the recovery frames of your last moves ended
instead you can cancel into it from a normal, in order to do this you have to remember that chained normals cannot be cancelled. so for example you cannot chain 2 cr.LP and then cancel your last cr.LP into srk; you’ll have to link the srk after that or you’ll have to link the two cr.LP in order to cancel your last one into srk.

now, how to execute a srk after a crouching normal? if I understood correctly this is what you are finding difficoult to do right?
there are many ways, the obvious one is to simply execute a srk motion after your normal, but you have to be carefull and have good precision because if you mistakenly end your srk motion in the forward position and have super (or ultra if executing an ex srk), the super would come out; so you have to be extra carefull to end in the down-forward position.
otherwise you can use shortcuts: execute the crouching normal by holding down-forward, then just shift the stick to forward and back to down-forward and you have a srk motion; or you cound do it by going from down-forward to down-back to down-forward, and you still would have a srk… and as a last resort, you could always just tap down-forward twice and STILL get a srk.
just practice and you’ll see that your execution will get better and you will be able to execute it correctly.

p.s. shortcuts are usefull, but being able to execute it correcly with the clear motion is better for the long run, so if I was you, I would stick to that one :slight_smile:

I must thank both of you for your replies. You guys have been very useful, really thanks to both!!!
I’ll practice a lot but I can tell you I have just executed my first linked shoryuken :smiley:
This game can be so rewarding when you understand how it works. :slight_smile:

Thinking… Which is the best (and easiest, at this point :smiley: ) normals sequence to cancel a shoryuken?

You can cancel a srk from(to my knowledge) cl.LP,c.LP,cl.MP,c.MP,cl.HP,c.HP,Solar Plexus Strike, cl.MK,c.MK. I think far standing MP works, but doesn’t combo, however far standing MPxxHadouken works. Try practicing c.LP,c.LP,cl.LPxxSRK, it may not be the BEST combo into srk, but it is very very easy.

EDIT:cl.LP,cl.MPxx SRK is a better combo in the long run.

look at the numpad on our keyboard as basis for the joystick position. where: #5 is the neutral joystick position…

you say u can easily do this combo… cr.lp2x,cr.hp (remember the timing)

lets say your player one… (using numpad as guide for joystick position) 3lp,3lp,2,3hp … u should get cr.lp2x linked to shoryu using the same timing.

hope this helps

the best normals to strictly cancel into a shoryu would be low fierce and solar plexus. without a doubt. low forward is risky but pays off if you are predicting a focus or standing guard. i can’t see why you would ever cancel from anything else. you lose 10 damage by opting for low fierce over close fierce, yea, but the motion is much more fluid and helps push you to that desirable 10/10 level of consistency.

i always link a shoryu from chained low jabs, for two reasons. if your low jabs are chained together, that means your blockstrings are air-tight, which is important to do against grapplers like zangief. unless you like eating spds. secondly, this almost seems counter-intuitive, but linking shoryu from low jab is probably easier than trying to cancel it from low jab’s super tight cancel window.

as far as building good technique, i would take nem0’s advice and use the d, df, d shoryu shortcut.

here is the standard (and probably optimized) shoryu xx fadc ultra hit-confirm combo as well what i believe to be the best way to hit the link:

  • forward jump roundhouse, low jab xx [low jab or low fierce]
    a. on hit: strong shoryu xx fadc, ultra
    b. on block: low forward xx hadou / tick throw / whatever

you confirm your combo with the forward jump roundhouse, and [at this point] on hit, push your stick to the df position as you hit low jab. linking a shoryu becomes as easy as moving your stick back to d, then to df, then hitting strong. depending on your spacing, and whether or not you want to optimize your damage, go for low fierce instead of low jab. of course, you’ll have to cancel your shoryu to connect it from a low fierce. on block, since you’re only moving your stick on hit, you’re already primed for a low forward xx hadou (if you choose to do so).

hope this helps man

One situation I find it useful to cancel a shoryu from light it after c.lp, c.lp wait a split second and then hit st.lp xx shoryu.
I usually link my shoryu after lights but I found the cancel timing is natural when you do a standing light punch on a standing opponent.

One interesting hit confirm that can be done after a jump roundhouse is to do c.hp xx (lp) shoryu Fadc ultra 1.
It avoid the dammage scaling and its pretty easy to hit confirm directly from
The hard part is putting all possibilities together; doing an OS, hit confirm from and go for frame trap on block
especially online.

Another relativealy hard hit confirm is poking with and doing a shoryu on hit. The method I practice
is poking with with my stick in downfoward and doing the short cut if I see a hit. I cant say I can do
this in real match but I like to practice it once in a while.

Like people said if you jump in with a roundhouse you can cr.hp into light or medium srk for the easiest hit confirm. Linking from st.lp is also a good one. I would avoid doing an srk from pokes because it has a higher chance to whiff. From I would just fireball as it’s safe whether you hit confirm or just complete your blockstring.

What has help my game lately is breaking the habit of doing too much xx fireball.
When I am max range I throw a simple poke ( since good players can focus throw the fb)
At max range I will also do xx ex fireball to prevent the Focus. The Ex fireball can sometimes
catch them since its not a true block string.

I will use xx fireball when I am in middle range vs my opponent.
Not lot of people online Focus throw from max range xx fireball but I am picking
up the good habit right now. Lot of reversal too like Dash punch, Flash kick etc break it.

Also not throwing mindless xx fireball make you more aware of whats your doing it really
help the focus for the Footsie.

One thing that is helping me a lot is wheteaver a throw a poke, Is peak my attention
at that exact moment to be able to or xx special on hit confirm.

Another good time to peak attention is after a xx fireball to be able to FADC on
hit confirm. Same thing if I poke with xx ex fireball ready to FADC , Ultra 1 on reaction.

I hope those habit become second nature those are the little thing that make can make your
Ryu a dangerous one.

One amazing thing Daigo do (of the many!) is hit confirm a Super from a poke. This
is really beyond my reaction time. Ive try numerous time in training mode with dummy to
random block…Well if somebody is able to do this let me know how you react in time.

It is possible to hit confirm a into super if you buffer it and try to confirm during the mk’s active frames, though it is ridiculously hard. I think more often than not, Daigo (and other Ryu’s) will stick out a and buffer it into super so it will only come out if it catches a limb or if the opponent walks into it.

What I’m more curious about is how Air always supers focus dashers on reaction after he throws fireballs. It seems really really hard to react that quickly.

What I do is buffer it. Just roll the motion as the fireball is traveling and then as soon as yo notice they focus it then just hit HP.

This one is relatively easy since you have xx fb to confirm.
Or after a simple fireball you can buffer and see if it hit.

I think Daigo really confirm Super from I dont think its an OS in case somebody walk into his

like nem0 said, easiest way to cancel a (crouching)normal into srk is just use the shortcut. e.g df+mk then df+P instantly. easier on a stick since you can mash right to the corner so it always comes out.

Yes this is possible.I like to do it in matches,it isn’t quite as hard as it may seem imo.To practice it you could go to training and set guard to random,that CAN be used to practice it but for some reason I find that harder to do than doing it in an actual match. lol I think I just over think it in training.I just throw out MK and buffer the super very quickly,and then if I see a hit quickly tap HP.Something training did help me with was buffering the motion for super properly.

Im sure this has been said already but it down to the input not the timing, if you can link to tatsu/fireball.
Use double down towards, then you dont have to stand up to get the towards input. boom!

Landing super on opponents focus dashing when throwing fireballs I dont find that hard to be honest. You can simply buffer the super and react to someone focusing. A thing I find is a lot of opponents will look to focus two fireballs in a row, so after the first focus you can anticipate/react to this quite easily.

Hit confirming xx super I find impossible. Best I can do is buffer it hoping to catch a poke or the opponent walking into it.

When it comes to xx super, I actually do: xx fireball xx super and buffer the super when the fireball is released as it only takes another hadouken motion and if the fireball doesnt connect then just dont execute the super cancel by pressing any punch buttons.

Have you ever thrown a full screen fireball and watched the opponent focus absorb? if you have super, the moment they start focus absorbing your fireball, you can execute a full screen super (fierce punch) and hit them whilst they are dash cancelling.

I shall try buffering super after the fireball and see if that improves things.

Like I said in my post, I dont have a problem with landing super on people focusing but thanks anyway :slight_smile: