Linking after f.dp?



I just recently got into Sakura off of playing Sagat for all of AE2012 and I knew she was combo heavy so I tried doing f.dp FADC CL.hp l.tatsu but I just can’t get the link after the FADC down? I haven’t really found the right moment to do it and ots honestly how she gets into tatsu loops most of the time so I really need to learn it. I haven’t really found any help so maybe its just me? Idk.


This one is a hard one and just takes practice the way i got it down good was to just try do it as much as possible in matches and in training mode eventually you will get good at it.

And to me it seems slightly easier to do now in USF4 i feel due to the extra frame of hitstop.


this combo is impossible if you accidentally waste any frames holding the focus. if that’s happening to you, there’s an input that will give you an instant dash.

Input the dp and continue to hold down-forward. if you focus cancel while holding down-forward, you only have to tap forward once to dash. If you do it this way you get a clean instantaneous dash, and no guff. a good way to see if this is a problem for you is to take akuma into training mode and FADC his fireball a few times. Akuma moves pretty far backwards during his focus, so if you hold it at all, he gets noticabley less forward movement from his dash

in general, plink that shit and just drill it for 10 minutes or so every day if you can. the important thing is to DO IT IN MATCHES whether you’re confident in it or not, because you’ll get it down eventually. the damage from this link is really important now for Sakura, and it’s one of the biggest reasons she’s still really good


hmm yea im try your way @FakeSteve‌ b/c this is giving me trouble too


I practiced this link a ton and the most important thing really is to get the instant dash during the fadc. I also start the fadc right as the third hit of the shoryu hits, gives me the most success anyways. Poor online connections or training mode with network simulation turned up to 2 or 3 and this link gets super difficult, for me anyway. Pretty rewarding when you nail it and take half their life and leave’em a smidge from stun :slight_smile:


I know this is an old topic, but you should actually do this on mp dp due to damage distribution right?


Depends on which one you’re buffering the most, I tend to use hp shouoken, since mp shouoken doesn’t always reach at max range, its only a 10 point difference so I don’t mind.