Linking blankas earthshout super at the end of his a - groove combo

like the title says, is there any special way to link this super easily?? When i try to do it the other super always comes out, which is fine, but i wanna be able to do that one at the end of the combo as well.


thx for your help!! i’ll see what da damage is too.


when i do it in my CC i find it to be about the same (give or take a few points) as the kick super. But the issue is, to get a decent amount of damage out of the “earthshout super”, you should do it right before the enemy hits the ground so you will deal more hits with the super. but if you mess up the timing the enemy will obviously hit the ground and yu will f— up.
so i just find it better/easier to do the kick super instead.

Thats just my opinion

I have namonaki’s blanka A groove blanka clip but I don’t have any webspace. The way he does it is to end with a crouching fierce and then cancel into earth shout. Unlike the shave super, you have to have them pretty close to the ground to do decent dmg (as mentioned). With the shave super, you could throw it out when they were 20 feet in the air and still connect most/all hits since you can hold down the button. If you are trying to time your earth shout to start right as your falls in front of you from 20 feet, it can get a little tricky. By Throwing a crouching fierce, the timing on the super is not nearly as tight. In the video it looks like he throws the crouching fierce and cancels near the end of the move (to let sagat fall a little) As for damage,
This FAQ doesn’t have dmg for shout of the earth in A groove, but it says in C groove a level 1 Shout of the Earth does 3200 dmg. It also says it does a grand total of 7 hits. The dmg I see in this vid however is much much lower (1600) and it seems like he’s only hitting him 3-4 times. Either he’s not mashing or shout of the earth wasn’t made for A groove finishers :P. The ground shave however did a good ammount of dmg. The FAQ says it does 2k in 2 hits, but he does more than 2k, and I’m pretty sure you can get 4 hits if you time it right.

Here’s what the dmg read before and after the supers

Before After
5227 6827 Shout of Earth

5817 8057 Shave super

6180 7780 Shout of Earth

7740 9980 Shave super