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I’m having an incredibly difficult time landing any c.lp c.lp combo, because for the life of me I cannot hit the link after If I do headbutt alone, for example, it works fine. But in that particular string, I can’t seem to get it down.

Yes, I’m holding my charge. Yes, I’m using a stick.

Any helpful tips?


Maybe I’m reading what you said wrong, but I’m not entirely sure what you mean by the link after low short. In that particular combo the link is from the second low jab into the low short. After the low short comes a cancel. Maybe that’s your problem. Maybe you’re chaining jab jab short.


I had a lot of problems with this at first. Pretty much what xaaz said is probably you’re problem. you can mash jab,jab,short and it will combo but to get a special move on the end you have to do the 2nd jab into short slowly. It’s not hard once you get used to it but it is hella frustrating at first. If you played marvel it’s similar to learning fast fly with Sentinel. Frustrating at first but easy once you finally get it down.


Ohhh shit. Bustin’ out mahvel analogies.

This thread just became serious business. :smokin:


if only the xbox version wasn’t lame :(. I wouldn’t even be playing Sf4 lol.


The rog ryddim: tap-tap–ta-tap learn it :slight_smile:

also maybe you’re not fast enough going from down to up or you’re doing it too early or too late. Bust most people starting out struggle with the timing of the normals.


maybe try hitting c.lp, c.lp, slower than you usually do, then do a headbutt right after fast


Problem I had starting out with that combo, like a lot of people, was lack of rythm and assuming that jabs’n’shorts can be mashed into a combo - Not the case.

Get used to pacing the moves when you intend to string them together. Once I downpaced the button presses into a timing/rythm the combos flowed easier and, as someone above has said, that doesn’t really apply when cancelling a move into another (Short>Headbutt) as you need to input that ending almost instantly after the short, whereas you need to input the short slightly later after a jab.

Even I’m not sure if that makes any sense :-S

Balrog… Serious complex business!


@RopeDrink: yup, i’d say you worded that pretty well, haha. i started off with Balrog thinking there was no real rhythm needed for his c.LP - c.LP - c.LK - Headbutt combo (or any other combo), but there definetely is and it takes some time to get used to it… hell, just like any character in Street Fighter, haha. Balrog’s a little more forgiving when it comes to being EXACTLY on point with the timing of his combos, unlike Guile or Ryu, whereas with them you gotta have the timing down pretty much perfect in order to connect combos.


I’m having difficulties with this one as well. ill give it another try after i finish my finals


Yeah basically try to slow it down and don’t try too hard. It’s like the easiest link combo (literally?) in the game at 4 frames (I think). In fact can anyone think of an easier link BnB combo for any character?