Linking. I just can't get it down

I not a total noob or anything. I’m no Daigo by any stretch but I can hold my own against most.

My issue is linking. I just can’t seem to get it no matter how much I practice. With my limited time I practice FADC and I get better and better. Linking…no improvement really since Vanilla sf4.

How did you all get better at linking and do you have any tips?

Well it depends What kinds of moves your trying to link cause that could be the problem. (Ex. Trying to link a Fierce Attack to a Light Attack. It won’t work) And do you have a plan for these moves your trying to link together cause plan out how your going to link and then try it all together. Like for me I try to see how other’s do it and then copy till i get it down then I switch over to my style and try it. But for you i’d say try the LP,LP,Special Attack then work your way up from there.^^ Happy Fighting ^^

I find it hard to believe you can “hold your own against most” when you can’t even link. No offense dude, just saying.

But, it’s pretty much practice. You do it until you can feel the timing. Over and over in practice mode.

This is really simple.

If your attack comes out, but it is blocked, you waited too long. If it doesn’t come out, you need to wait longer.

Now practice it over and over until you get it. It took me weeks to get my characters BNBs but now they are automatic.

edit- It is not supposed to be easy. You will see Daigo and Justin miss links. Link combos add risk.

edit- By practice i mean I repeated the motion over and over for an hour at a time.

I feel why you’d think that but I have good execution and good timing on specials. Linking is definitely my downfall. Thanks, I’ll continue to practice. This board always helps and motivates.

eightballah speaks the truth. It’s gonna take woodshedding in practice mode.

Also note this: to do a two-move link (let’s say Zangief’s, requires two button presses. Not three. Not five. Not fifty. Two. Wrap your head around that one - and what eightballah said about getting blocked or the attacking not coming out - and you understand the concept. All that’s left is to get it under your fingers.

It depends on what types of link you’re trying to do and also the character.

I agree with Scheater5 - too many times do I see people in challenge mode attempting to get a link and they are mashing each button 50 times. The game doesn’t respond well to that. What links require are well timed presses of the button. As eightballah said above, if you’re trying to link a LP > MP, try going from the LP to the MP at different speeds. If your opponent blocks, then you need to either do it earlier or later.

I, too, am struggling with links, but that’s why I am currently spending 80% of my time in challenge and Training Room. And once you have those links, practice them until you can do them in your sleep. Don’t go out and try them immediately on Live, you will probably wiff them and get discouraged. Good luck, man.