Linking Juri's BnB combos

Hello fellow Juri forum readers :wgrin:
I’ve been a fan of Juri ever since I got SSF4 and I’ve been trying to main her from the start. I’ve actually started playing street fighters the first time with this one, so I sure did have to go through a shaky and rough start, but I definitely feel like I’m slowly improving. (When I first started the game I was clueless with frames and spammed dive kicks that got me insta-punished >_>)

I’ve searched through the forums, read many tutorials and watched videos to improve, but one main thing I can’t seem to clearly grasp are BnBs. Connecting normals to one another and following it through a special attack feels nearly impossible!
On the other hand, I’m quite familiar with connecting normals that can be much easier to link/canceled, such as Cr. MK -> EX pinwheel. But of course I would never be able to clearly hitconfirm to possibly connect it through with a super for the most part.

I’ve tried to sit down and practice for few hours trying to connect the basic BnBs such as > > xx EX pinwheel, but I can rarely get it within every 10 tries or so. Is there a trick to learning how to connect these normals? A good example of what I’m quite jealous of are Juri players like this:
players like this flawlessly connecting BnB under pressure just astonishes me.

Also, if you don’t mind I also have another question: When is it a better situation to use the different type of Jabs/Shorts? I’m not sure when to St. lk or st. lp, or cr. lk or cr. lp. I’m not completely sure of the differences of the jabs and shorts, any tips/advices would be greatly appreciated.

I’m sorry if I’m asking too much or seemed like my questions sounded very noobish.
But thanks in advance!

you can try plinking to land the links easier

That BnB is hard because it’s a 1 frame link. As said above, you can plink but that’s all you can do to make them easier.

As for her Jabs/Shorts, c.LK is your low hitting combo starter, close s.LK is her 3 frame weak attack for quick punishes/stuffing, s.LP is used in her character specific BnB - which is much easier than her normal one, but it only works on big characters - and c.LP is pretty much useless.

Next time, please post your questions in the Q&A thread for the sake of organization, OK?

Thanks for the replies!

Oh right >_>; my apologies. I’ll keep that in mind next time.

In Street Fighter IV, there is a way to repeat an input for two consecutive frames. What you have to do is press two buttons exactly one frame apart from each other. For example, if you press MP~LP, the game will interpret that as MP and then LP+MP. When doing normal moves, the stronger button takes priority, so it is as if you pressed MP twice, giving you two chances to land the link. This technique is commonly known as “plinking”. It takes practice to be able to do it consistently, but it makes things much easier in the long run. It is also a needed skill for playing Juri because her kara throw (MP~LP+LK) is an important tool.

For combos or blockstrings, you almost always want c.LK and then close s.LK. You can do s.LP instead of close LK to make your link easier on hit, but it whiffs on most crouchers. If you’re too far for close LK or you are fighting a character with a hunched over stance (e.g. Guile), you are usually better off doing c.LK, c.LK.

welcome to the juri boards bud, ummm i reccomend just learning her 3 shorts into pinwheel: (,, xx pinwheel OR x2, xx pinwheel) u dont need her 1 frame link unless u want to play this competitively. Her 2 frame link however;, st.lp, is much more easier to pull off without plinking, only problem is, is that it only works on standing opponents, stupid st.lp cant hit on most crouchers T_T…:P.

The only reason you link is to hit confirm usually. When you are going for max damage punish you shouldn’t even try to link. You just go cr.hp xx ex pinwheel.

cr.lp, st.lp, xx special is a decent hit confirm imo. That’s the kind of combo you try when you are close to your opponent. And if your opponent blocks, it’s still a safe blockstring (though I’ve eaten my share of shoryukens when trying it).

Also, one way to hit confirm is to simply go for an ambiguous cross-up: if it connects, then you don’t even need links, you go for max damage.

Look at Juri’s frame data to know that sort of thing. In Juri’s case, standing LK is better than everything else (especially the close version). It has best range, best frame advantage on hit and on block. So that’s what I always use for light attacks. Plus you can fish and counter hit with it.

On certain situations like when I’m crouch blocking, I have the reflex of doing cr.lp over, but that’s more of a habit I think. I’m pretty sure is better than cr.lp in terms of frame advantage.

As others have said, you probably should have gone to the Q and A thread however I’m always a fan of making a forum as messy as possible to promote more posts.

Just me.

Anyways! you’re is your’re fastest move. So if you’re ever REALLY TIGHT for a punish, thats your move. What you do after it, thats up to you. I personally Dont try to do her 1f’s unless I’m not thinking about it. It really is all rhythm. Here is my suggestion and how I got it down.

First thing, DONT PLINK! If you’re having a problem with her 1f then you’re having a problem timing it. I suggest you sit down and really try and listen to the rhythm of it. Try and get 50% with it WITHOUT PLINKING. Once you get the rhythm down to where its 50/50, thats when you start plinking and practicing that. This is because you still have to try and time it within 2 frames (aim 1 frame early or exact). If your 3 frames late and your plinking it still wont work. Heh.

Its kind of a fast link. Like rose I can slow that combo down all day and just time it right, but juri you gotta have the rhythm for it and her chains are quite fast.

When to you c.lp? When you have a lk fuhajin stored and you have 4 frames to work with.
when to use When you’re quite far and have (I think) 6 frames to work with. I use it more as a poke
When to use As much as possible imo. Its (I think) 5 frames, great reach, priority and can cancel.

Standings? Hmmmm

When to use I use far as a poke xx lk pinwheel. I also like it for FSE.
when to use s.lp? Okay, correct me if im wrong but if someones in block stun you use this move safely? Right? So if you jump in (Correct me again, i dont wanna give bum info) with a heavy you can almost always start off with a s.lp. If it hits you can 2f to a mp. Truth be told, I dont use s.lp other than stoping vega dives or against SOME Characters it hits while they crouch. I like this to frame trap. Thats just me. Same for far.

Should be noted that Juri’s st.lp is good also vs a lot of airborne attacks/overheads.

Because hits too low and her other strong and fierce attacks are too slow. You can spam st.lp to counter hit Fei Long’s overhead for example or other similar attacks where the opponent’s lower body has invincibility.

apologies for bumping this thread once more, but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE HELP/ADVICES EVERYONE!
I really do appreciate you all for giving up your time to help me. These info were really helpful. :smiley:

I’m having the same problems too. Linking stuff like j. mk > cr.MK > any pinwheel is easy. Hell, I can pull off: > cr.hp > mk fuhajin > cr. mk > lk fuhajin > cr. mk > ex pinwheel or hk pinwheel > super

but I can’t pull off cr. lk > cr. lk > cr. mk (EDIT: I meant mk pinwheel)

I’d hit confirm more if I could make the hit confirm combos even work. I’ve practiced for 20 minutes here and 20 minutes there for a few days since the PSN has been down, but I feel like the progress is nonexistent. Does anyone have any tips on how to make this stuff work?

Hell, I suck at doing lk. fuhajin > ex lvl 2 focus attack > ultra 2, but I can do that more often in practice than I can a block string or hit confirm combo.

If necessary, I can record myself in practice and you can see what I’m doing wrong. xx xx is not a combo, thats the problem lol.

You can link and st.lp into if maybe thats what you mean. I suggest you look into plinking and learn that, also look into lagless monitors because 1 frame links are way harder on massive plasma screen tv’s if not impossible. Even small tv’s have some amount of input lag.

Easy hit confirm is xx xx xx mk pinwheel or st.lkx2 xx xx mk pinwheel. Stick to that if you cant do the harder links, linking a medium off a is a 1 frame link, linking a medium off a st.lp is a 2 frame link.

I have a 55 inch plasma and a 100 inch projector, so I guess I’m effed there lol
I meant to mk pinwheel, sorry. I edited it.

I thought plinking wasn’t as good? But I guess plinking over no linking right? Also, isn’t the s lp a bit dangerous because of the croucher whiff? I’ll start working on those combos.

And, I’ll keep practicing the timing of the lk fuhajin > ex focus > ultra 2 while I’m at it. I can do the whole thing, I just have trouble timing how long to hold the ex focus. The motion itself isn’t a problem as much as the timing.

Thanks for the feedback Metallic.

Right theres your problem plain and simple, ur never going to get the timing right on one of those, not for links and not for ex focus attack combos. Go down to your local GameStop or GAME or whatever and buy one of these:

Official Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable Xbox 360 Game - (UK) - Free Delivery

Plug the VGA end into your computer monitor (assuming you have a nice small 14-19inch pc monitor lieing around somewhere if not the one ur currently using) and the audio split into some speakers. That should get you a nice cheap lagless experience.

Alternatively if you have the money to spend you can buy a 2ms Asus VH series gaming monitor, 2ms is pretty much as lagless as it gets, Asus have a wide range of 5ms monitors for cheaper but the 2ms ones are the best of the best.

By some miracle, last night I was able to start pulling it off.

Doing the cr. lk > st. lk > cr. lk string finally came together, and I’d say about 65% of the time I’m able to pull off the pinwheel after.

Same goes for cr. lk > st. lp > cr. lk > mk / ex / lk pinwheel and st. lk x2 > cr. lk

Not sure what happened, but all of a sudden the rhythm clicked. Still have lots of stuff to work on with it, and haven’t begun to bother working on hit confirming with it (probably a good idea to wait until I pull off the combos naturally without dropping them), much less being able to use it against a live opponent (which I don’t have much choice since the PSN is still down).

I am going to look into the smaller monitor thing anyway though Metallica. Would be nice to give my TV and a break once in a while, and it sure as hell would save some electricity. Was looking at this one: ASUS VH236H 23 Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor - Black: Computer & Accessories

Yeah thats what i was on about, you cant go wrong with that for your gaming, especially since its got HDMI lagless connection so VGA isnt even completely neccessary.

Just got it today Metallic, and I noticed the difference immediately. It is actually so lagless that it is throwing off my timing lol.

But I landed st. lk (x2) > cr. MK xx HK Pinwheel and cr. lk > st. lk > cr MK > Pinwheel over and over again with ease. After some practice and battles online, I should be able to apply it effectively. Hopefully the online lag doesn’t nullify it.

It shouldn’t ramma. And as long as your natural rhythm is okay online lag shouldnt bother you. Essentially it could be like 5 frame lag as long as you can close your eyes, turn your minds eye on and just do the combo the game will register it. You see what I’m saying?

Yeah I get ya. Doing the combos are becoming easier and easier. I started using other characters today to get a better understanding of it. Now applying it against real players is still a whole different issue (like using Feng Shui Engine)… Just can’t seem to make it come together or get the distance right.

I’ll start practicing with my eyes closed.

u can replace cr.MK with cr.MP … same frame data but slightly more damaging … and then u can do HK pinwheel … acctually thats my favorite link … easy hit confirm and high damage … cr.LK, st.LK, cr.MP , HK pinwheel