Linking normals to specials

I’ve been having a tough time linking certain normal attacks to special moves on a consistent basis. With cammy I can link c. lk, c. lp, c. lk to spiral arrow about half the time, but the c. lk to spiral arrow is pretty tricky and not consistent enough. Another example would be Rose’s 1st hard trial. Basically can someone give me any tips on linking jabs or shorts ( specifically crouching normals) into specials? It seems easy for charge chars like Balrog and Bison, but for quarter circle specials it’s pretty tough. Any tips?
Recently started playing on stick btw.

I’m having the same problem with Dictator x3 to knee press but, I think that’s just a hard cancel.

Generally speaking, most short > special combos aren’t links, they are cancels. If you are trying to link it, you’re doing it wrong. Light attacks generally have to be canceled out of quicker than medium/heavy attacks.

Check out the stickied execution guide for more general tips.

In the case of Cammy’s combo, make sure you are linking the last two normals or else you cannot cancel the spiral arrow. Chain combos are not cancelable, only links are. So it’s basically:> c.lp (short wait) > > spiral arrow

If any of this terminology doesn’t make sense, check the stickies.

You might want to check if you are charging long enough, as the cancel is actually pretty lenient.

I’ve already elimated the charge being the problem by charging before starting my combo(in training mode).

And sometimes I get it to come out but it won’t combo which means I can get reversaled before the knee press hits.

It could be that I’m chaining his instead of linking it.

Bison’s can’t be chained.

Then what the hell is my problem

You can do the combo,, > short knee press, I think you just need to execute the knee a little early to make it hit. You also need to be pretty close for the full combo to connect.

Well I can get the 3 c.lks just fine and if you can only link them then I doubt the distance of the knee press is the issue especially considering the LK knee press is the fastest one

Wasn’t sure of the terminology, but thank you for your help

Yeah since bison’s c.lks are links then you just need to cancel the last one into scissors. WIth that said…you gotta do it really effin quick, I’ve noticed. The last and the scissors lk input need to be like 3 frames apart or something.