Linking Sc.Rdh-Sc.Rdh

Seen it done. According to my frame data its +6 on standing hit and 5 frame start up, so it can be done, its just im allways to far away to hit with the second one. Do I have to meaty the first one?

It only works when done meaty on crouching Dudley. You would think it works on Makoto, Urien, and Alex since they also have wide crouching hitboxes, but it doesn’t work on them or any other character.

You might want to lay off all the frame data shit too. It’s never going to get you anywhere.

The Data is just good to know. I know it doesn’t play that much of a part in game play (Besides links and block stings…)
Yeah, I’ve been trying it on a crouching Q so…

Hi. If you’re still there, please help, for I’m trying to master Dudley. I know a lot of abbrevs, but what is “Sc”? and how/why can you link 2 sc roundhouses in a row? I thought you meant his cr. rnd launcher/juggle attack, but after reading your posts, I think you mean something else.

Standing close?

Dunno why he said that though, because far RH is the same.

'thanks pal. I’m suddenly reading all these abbrevs that are new to me. Another one I just read in the “I want to kill Chun” thread for Dudley players is “w/e”. 'Maybe I’ll figure that one out as I usually manage it :slight_smile:

w/e = whatever.

i cant understand the abbreviations u use, li.

thanks :slight_smile: I thought it was sf-specific. One guy asked wtf a “JU” is, and I only recently have been paying enough attention to sf attack names to know that’s Dudley’s “Jet Uppercut”.

it works on both dudley and hugo

ps. crouching