Linking standing attacks into super


In the matches I’ve seen from 2002 to 2004, the one thing that was and still is very useful is standing attack into super. Sagat (sigh) is a great example of this; his fierce into lvl2 tiger shot-lvl1 tiger shot wins so many games…

Here are some of the good ones that come to mind right now:

Sagat: S. Fierce into Tiger Shot super
Maki: S. Foward into Kick super
Ryu: S. Fierce into Hadouken super
Chun-Li: Far S. Strong into Kick super

There are probably others…maybe Kyo?

But yeah, if you’ve tried comboing these examples, you’ll notice that it is a lot harder than, say, Ryu’s into Shinkuu Hadouken…

Any tips on the motion? Obviously, you need to move your hand fast, and that is probably my biggest problem, but there’s got to be an easier way of doing these things…

As you can see, I’m specifically asking about the qcfx2 motions.


Not to get technical … but aren’t links moves that can combo AFTER the original move is done with? Like Cammy st fierce into super … you can combo off of it much easier because you can input the super after the st fierce animation is done.

If thats the case, I don’t think any of those are links … maybe I’m wrong?


Hmmm you’re right, my subject header sucks.
Is there anyway I can change it? If not, hopefully this message will clear things up. I didn’t say the word “link” anywhere else in the message…but still, sorry about the confusion ^_^;

I meant to say “combo”


for me with ryu, I peform half of the super fireball motion before the fierce hits, if it hits I do the rest.


Like I think what Obot was saying, you press the attack button, then start doing the super motion–the obvious way I guess. Don’t start the motion before you press the attack button; it will make the command easier to perform quickly, but gives you less time to react since you will have to finish the command off sooner.

But this is still very hard to do with most moves anyway. I don’t know how the hell people cancel Chun-Li’s Standing MP on reaction.


when you attack on reaction, you do the motion for the super but without pressing a button. Then when you see it connect, hit a button to finish the input. You’re not doing the whole super on reaction, the fbx2 is always there, it’s only the button press that’s on reaction.

There’s another type of reaction, like cammy’s s. fp. That one you press the button, wait, see if it connects, then slowly begin the super motion.


terry has the easiest one…s.fpxxbuster wolf or power gieser.

his fp is two hits and you can combo off the second hit even if its not a super.


Terry is a weird one. He can cancel the second hit of his close s. hp into df hp. Cancelling a fierce into a fierce, that’s whack.

Chun-li has that kick ass 2 hit s. mp.


You can do some “shortcuts” with some people provided that they do not have a special move with the command. For example, with Chun, you can do QCF+Strong (she does standing strong), and if you see it hit, do QCF+K for her kick super (previous QCF was already buffered into standing strong). Kyo can do this too with his s.fkxxFlame Super. QCB+Roundhouse (Kyo doesn’t have a move with QCB+k, so he does a standing Roundhouse by default), if Roundhouse connects, HCF+P to finish motion for Flame Super.


It’s just practice man. Keep practicing even if the super doesn’t come out. You want to train your hands to move really quick so that the motions come natural when the time comes in a real match to do it.


i’ve been playing maki forever and can’t consistently combo in her standing mk into super. it’s like the hardest thing in the game for me. anyone know any tricks for that?


yeah, this is what i do for chun-li, especially against obvious things like blocking a blanka ball, for example. The problem is…the opponent also sees me duck, and by me ducking, the standing strong doesn’t come out as fast. Granted, it’s technically only a few frames, but I would like to do it the way I’ve seen it done by other, much more skilled players.

One thing that I’ve noticed (that also goes for my friend) is that these motions are easier to do while my character is facing the left. Maybe it’s the way our arms are shaped…easier to smack some guy behind you with the back of your knuckles like in those Bruce Lee movies rather than say, beating your chest. Hmmm I hope that wasn’t too vague.

I guess it’s just more practice for me, then. I do get better at it after practicing for like 5-10 minutes straight.

ALSO: My stick has had problems reading diagonals. Strange, because I paid good money for a “Perfect 360” stick. I’m not sure if it’s just my sucky execution or the manufactuer’s fault, but it’s been bugging me…I always thought that 360’s didn’t need to be pumped to the wood.



That is weird. Didn’t even know that.