Linking two crouch mp-Useful?

This is just something I did in training mode on accident once messing around with Yun. Timing seems tighter on some characters than others (like everything else in 3S) but I figured it might be a useful hit confirm into…well whatever it is Yun players do after Dash punch I guess. You can also link to or c.lp and do whatever. Is there any use for this?

it’s a 1-frame link on standing characters, and a 2-frame link on crouching characters.

As a hit confirm cMP into slK to lp dash punch is 100 times easier

You can actually cMP cMP sLK LP dash punch on most characters. You get more damage for sure. If you somehow get consinstent on it it might be worth it. On crouching characters you can actually get a good success rate with practice, it can be useful to get more damage after something like a blocked uppercut from Oro (he lands crouching) or other instances when you konw for sure that the opponent will be in a crouching state and you don’t have meter.
on standing characters it gets tricky because you shouldn’t rely too much on a 1-frame link when you have better/safer options - if you do that correctly, it’s all good, more damage, more meter, more stun, but if you miss the link you lose the damage and the knockdown that the easy cMP sLK link gives.

It’s not really a big deal, you don’t get huge benefits, but more damage is always welcome if you can get good with that.
Imho it’s easier then getting kara-palms consistently, not too mention the keeperjin. If people can learn those, 2*cMP is definitely in the reach of many.

It’s definitely one of those “if you can do it, more power to you” things. Just remember that can be parried both high & low, so there’s a much higher chance of being parried & punished if you miss the second

I trained myself to stick out a after close parries to link cr.short dash punch or another into dash punch on point blank crouching characters. Not worth the two cr.mps on standing characters tho.

like others said… it doesnt hurt to be able to do it…
more like…
it only makes you better if u can do it.

it’s definitely doable, just double tap mp after you see the first cr mo hit, if you practice for like 5 min on a random guard dummy in training you can get it to 100% easily. VERY useful to learn cause it can mean the difference to having or not having bar at the right time.