Linking Woes


I am fairly new to SF4/SSF4. I have just recently began trying to bring a technical aspect to my gameplay. As of now, I am learning about linking. However, I find it pretty hard to do it correctly. The character either blocks (too slow) or the hit doesn’t come out (too fast). I can do it every now and then, but I feel it’s luck, and I want to develop the talent.

Any tips on linking? :wasted:

Plink. Too lazy to post article, somebody else do it please.


Stick to one character that only has a few important links like Balrog, then you only have to learn a few links total. If you play several characters you’ll have to be consistent with a lot more links which will be way harder if you are still having trouble with basic execution.

practice. don’t get frustrated. will get your timing down if you just keep trying.linking is hard for everyone when they first start.just dont get frustrated.also if your having trouble try plinking

use a stick and plink and double tap

You really just need to watch the previous moves animation and hit the next button right when it ends. Plinking can help but I don’t think it’s totally fool proof. If you can hit links without plinking you’ll be godlk.

Basically this. When you do something enough times it gets imbedded into your muscle memory and it just comes out perfect (almost) every time. One thing I found helpful when learning was; set the dummy to autoblock and only hit the button you are trying to link once, if the move comes out and is blocked then you did it too late and if it dose not come out at all you did it too slow and try and find a happy medium in the middle. I found that helped to get timing down on alot of combos. And move on to plinking to and you get some more frames to get the link off. It might help finding out how many frames you have to get the link aswell before learning a combo so you know what you are getting yourself in for :razzy:. Anyway good luck!