Links for Rugal moves! =)

Hey Rugal freakz! Post yer COOL links to either two of Rugal’s specials! (Genocide Heaven/Gigantic Pressure) preferrably in C-Groove! THANKS! **

Dunno if it works, haven’t tried myself…

Fierce God Press, lvl 2 gigantic pressure, fierce God Press

well by far the easiest combo for me to perform with rugal is,,, super of choice…

And no you cannot combo a lvl 2 gigantic pressure from a godpress…

C groove combos I often use are:

Combo into a fierce god press, lvl 2 genocide heaven, cancel into dark smasher, lvl 1 genocide heaven.

(midscreen),,, lvl 2 genocide heaven, cancel into god press, lvl 1 genocide heaven.

Dark Smasher in the corner, lvl 2 genocide heaven, cancel into dark smasher, lvl 1 genocide heaven.

Link whatever you want or use the invisibility frames, into lvl 2 Gigantic Pressure, end it with a god press.

level 2 gigantic pressure then do a level 1 gigantic pressure

Massive damage

“Paid da Cost 2 b the Boss” >God-Rugal

Rugal’s good anti-air (specially for Blanka) = standing med. punch, very effective for diagonal aerial attacks.
For straight, fierce aerials (like Bison’s fierce kick in air), a standing fierce kick roundhouse will do… NEVER USE GENOCIDE HEAVEN AS AERIAL COUNTER! well… unless the enemy is quite cornered, use either lvl 2 or lvl3 Genocide Heaven, then do da rest! But 1 thing i’d say… my Rugal’s having a hard tym on 1 character… CAMMY! =(

Actually doing FP God Press afterwards does more damage. One thing I love about Rugal is that one combo can hand you the game!!! Especially the big C-Groove one!!!:evil:

“Paid da Cost 2 b the Boss” >God-Rugal

The match is hard, but definitely not close to impossible. One of Rugal’s best tools is his fireball, his recovery is FAST. Just zone Cammy out with fireballs and work around that.

Re: “Paid da Cost 2 b the Boss” >God-Rugal

Thanks pal! One more question: How on earth can my Rugal defeat my friend’s Yamazaki? He keeps on pushing me away with fierce kick, and when Rugal’s cornered, no other move’s on my mind but to roll. Thats where he do the stupid throw on me! He keeps on winning by merely 2 moves: throws and fierce kick! Waht can I do? Is Yamazaki the end of Rugal? NOOO!!! >_<’


  1. RC clothesline
  2. Blocking
  3. poking him back
  4. Not sucking

I recommend either 1) or 4).

Re: Re: “Paid da Cost 2 b the Boss” >God-Rugal

What groove rugal do you play? I play K groove rugal. My main game plan relies HEAVILY on his fireball. I throw one, and run after it, if they jump, S.MP, or S. RH, if they stand still, I go ahead and do some sort of guard crush on them. Also I mixup his Dark Smasher. When using dark smasher, is people are countering it with shit like dragonpunches etc, just adjust the timing (different punch buttons) I have made so many people throw early DPs only to get knocked out of them.

Re: Re: Re: “Paid da Cost 2 b the Boss” >God-Rugal

I play Rugal in C-Groove, R2 with Akuma and Vega (Bison). Im not quite good at snk moves though im a big Rugal fan! Teehee! I guess he really have potentials in ANY fighting games. I used Rugal ever since the CvS2 came in our town! His massive damage and vitality makes him a good DEFENCE! 1 more good stuff i learned from him is that though he’s huge, his roll is pretty fast against fireballs! In C-groove, just a complete link of his 3lvl specials with cancel will deal almost 70% of ur enemy’s Hp. He just suck when it comes to pokes and air attacks like vega(claw)

Vega(claw) if this Vega like most vegas likes to jump a lot, jumping Fierce Punch usually stuffs most air to air attacks. I would also abuse Dark Smasher on Vega. The biggest thing with vega is, I would try to push him into the corner, and make sure you never stop applying pressure on him, especially if you get a knockdown, that is where Vega is his weakest. C groove rugal is Very nasty. His Dash is VERY fast, so I would mix that into his game. C.Lk,, Dash, Throw or whatever. A LOT of his moves leave your opponent in block stun for a VERY long time. EX: Dark smasher, they block, you have the choice of either continuing the guard crush, or walk up throw… And Walk up throw usually can only be teched, or they have to perform a move with some invisibility. I would just slowly work on my opponent’s guard meter, which I think rugal does best, fireballs, followed by whatever. You can do shit like Jump in RH, C.LK, C.MP, C.RH, Fireballs, and keep going etc etc… I dont know if you can or not, but learning to roll cancel his God Press can be VERY useful.


Thanks dude, ur such a guru! =P Yesterday, i abused some of Rugal’s air moves, and this i might add; his weak punch in air(elbow drop) is pretty high proirity in air to air! I just faked my opponent with 2 C. wk then dash throw, they even told me I’m a cheating shit, but i dnt care as long as Rugal takes 'em all! Haha! =)