Links into specials?

to get a special out after say a 2 hit combo with normals do you have to link the last normal before you try the special? like in sf4?


not really… There aren’t that many legitimate links in third strike. For example you can link > > > dash punch with yun, but that’s on the only ones I can think of. This game focuses on chains in to specials / supers. You don’t have the same combo mechanics as four. Four plays a lot like CVS 2 when it comes to the possibilities / Combo engine.

ah ok thanks man

There’s no system mechanic in 3s that dictates what combos can be canceled or must be linked, once you get a certain amount of hits in a combo. So as long as you’re using normals that can be canceled, you can go straight into a special.

A SF4-like combo must be super rare, cuz I can’t think of one at all right now. The only other SF game that really has those kind of combos are SF2 with renda cancels (e.g. Guile c.jabs into a flash kick).