Links+special moves

alright so here my problem im having, i have started using specials moves like hadokens +shoryukens and tatsmaki kicks in my combo(well i always have been) but i cant really link into the special move that well. im using a arcade joystick with a square gate on it . my main question is on the last input for the link when i got into a special move would i make sure that the stick is on a neutrul position of the stick when im crouching down? can someone explain how to do this by using input+explanations on why i should be doing it the way that makes it easier for me

I play akuma so one of his bnb combos is 3xc.jab->short tatsu.

The inputs I use are d jab jab jab db b short.
It would also work if the stick was in the df position during the jabs. If you are trying to bring the stick to neutral before the special move, you are going to make the combo harder or impossible.

Are you trying to link normals into specials? That’s not the way combos are usually done in SF4.

To combo from say st.f into SRK, cancel it.

alright so i get the position where the stick should be for the tatsu kick now i want to leave it on down foward but wat about hadoken and shoryuken?

Doesn’t most shotos have shortcuts? like ryu’s f.FP > SrK?

i dont have a problem with standing fierce into shoryuken its just the crouching jabs,lk into hadoken and shoryuken i figured out the tatsu link so im fine on that one

Try from the crouch position MP> Down+foward LP? I will get back at you hopefully someone answers your question.
Edit: I just did it right now, return to the neutral position and finish the notation.

ok so for hadoken its neutral alright im starting to guess its neutral for the shoryuken too


for Hado I find it easiest to hold the stick in the down position until the hits, then quickly put it into neutral forward and press punch. You can also reverse this motion for canceling into a HK. For using a cr. move into SRK you can take advantage of the shortcuts. Begin in neutral crouch, then move the stick to forward crouch and hit the button for the normal you want, then quickly move the stick back to neutral crouch and back out again to forward crouch and press punch. For canceling standing moves into SRK, you are going to need to be comfortable cranking out the normal SRK motion accurately on demand.

i have no problem for the regular input motion for moves and linking standing normals its just the cr position that messes with me i appreciate the help btw

Best to have it in down position, relying on shortcuts can make your inputs messy if you don’t do them properly and they don’t transfer over to other games. I generally have mine in the downback position just to block, and if you want to shoryuken from the down position just do :r::df:.

ok im going to try that too so i can combo and if i mess it up i can almost instantly block

What it sounds like you’re doing is trying to do each motion individually. Take the xx fireball combo for example… You should be buffering the inputs for the fireball into your crouching middle kick. Your inputs should look like:

down + mk
down forward
forward + punch

Don’t go back to neutral after the crouching medium kick - you’re adding the mk in to the fireball motion.

Yeah, I don’t know why people are telling you to go to neutral.

I quickly did it though I did mention that shotos have shortcuts…probably bad example…

its the thought that counts some may have other ways they do there moves so its good that people voice how they do it that way I can try every single input so i can find whats comfortable for me

Hi all, I’m having a similar problem.

Cancelling a into a hado is a no brainer as the input for a hado already has a ‘down’ motion for you to press (buffer) the mk - or even at the down-forward motion. Same again for cancels involving into the shoryuken. But when attempting RYU’s bnb of, cr.lp -> SRK one of 2 things always seems to happen:

  1. the and cr.lp will come out but nothing else (strange as I thought that you could cancel into the SRK off chained light attacks)

  2. the and cr.lp will come out followed by a standing light punch

I understand how the shortcut for the SRK would help here but I broke myself out of using that SRK motion as I’ve been playing other SF games of late since discovering the joys of the arcade stick!

Couple problems:

  • In SF4, you cannot cancel anything out of a chain. That’s part of it.

  • If you are trying to DP and getting a standing jab, you’re doing the motion wrong. The last input should not result in a standing anything.

  • There is no harm in using the shortcuts at times, as long as you know when and how to use them. I use them in SF4 in combos from the crouching position, but it wouldn’t occur to me to use shortcuts in other games.

Right, so does that mean I have to space the timing of the and cr.lp but ‘quickly input’ (cancel into) the SRK motion after the latter, or is the SRK ‘linked’ after the cr.lp? Is it even possible to do this combo and similar crouching combos with the full SRK motion or am I just making things difficult for myself?

One more question Starcade since you 've helped me a lot before (and since I’m at work now and have to limit my posts!) how would you suggest going about practicingplinking link combos? Should I be practicing the combo itself - whether it be broken into segments - or should I just practice actual plinking first and then try to incorporate it into combos?

Any help as always will be very much appreciated by this stick noobie.

P.S. If says I’m offline it’s because I’m ghosting - still at work see!